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USN Destroyer Fitzgerald Slams Into Huge Containership Off Japan

The Pentagon wanted to have a ‘show of power’ to North Korea.  So they sent all possible ships there where a spy ship with tons and tons of radar on board…sailed across the prow of a huge container ship in the middle of the night and the spy ship nearly sank and is badly crippled.  Has 330 sailors and some were killed in their bunks.  The question is, how on earth did this spy ship not see a huge container ship?  Gross incompetence is the only possible cause.

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US Navy Joins India And Vietnam To Defy China And Dispute Territorial Controls In China Sea

Screen shot 2016-02-10 at 9.43.18 PM

Q&A: South China Sea dispute – BBC News

In the US election, we see everyone leaning increasingly towards the ‘anti-international war’ candidates, not the perpetual warmongers.  This doesn’t stop the nonstop warmongering at all.  In dangerous waters? US and India consider joint naval patrols in disputed South China Sea, Washington wants its regional allies and other Asian nations to take a more united stance against China over the South China Sea.  As chaos engulfs Europe destroying the borders there in this huge invasion going on, as the US falls deeper and deeper into debt trying to keep up a global military machine used by ‘allies’ to enlarge their own influence at our expense, we have an election which is all about exactly this business and what it is doing to us, namely, destroying our own security.


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Britain Launches Gigantic Aircraft Carrier: The Sitting Duckie—Naval Power Dies In In Britain

New British aircraft carrier HMS Sitting Duck to be world’s second largest supercarrier – YouTube

Persuaded by desperate US demands that Europe not rely entirely on deep in debt US military to protect themselves, England has built and is now launching to big, fat aircraft carriers.  This is foolish:  Navy’s Big Weakness: Our Aircraft Carriers Are (Expensive) Defenseless Sitting Ducks since WWII.  The Japanese showed clear as crystal how one can stop these ships.  The Kamikaze attacks can now be done with robots.  During WWII, Russia showed how effective mass missile attacks can be with the Katyusha Rocket Launcher.  The US and England, once global naval powers, are in steep decline these days and this is due to various forces especially running deeper and deeper in the red in trade while running government deficits.  This one-two punch is fatal for any military empire striving to be a global power.  Yet the US and UK leaders still pretend they are all-powerful and can do as they please no matter what.  So both have decided to launch the beginning of WWIII with Russia.

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Suicidal EU Leaders Whine About Russia Imposing Increasing Boycotts And Other Obvious Tactics


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Translation: Russia’s Foreign Minister says, our troops must be prepared for war.


Russia hasn’t turned off the gas to Europe…yet.  This is logical.  The money continues to pour in from Europe while Europe chose…STUPIDLY…to start a boycott of Russia which Russia retaliated with something like that…for now.  Russia’s leaders aren’t stupid. They know their history.  And their most powerful general is General зима (Zima, aka: Winter).  The EU thinks it can carry on business as usual with Russia strangling them as soon as the snow flies.  Why would Putin cut off the fuel today when it is more effective and sharp during the cold days that are looming very much, it is a cold, cold summer here in the US and I am betting, a cold winter for Europe as the polar vortex shifts across the planet.

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US Screams At Russia For Buzzing Our Fleet Parked In Russia’s Front Yard: Repeat Vietnam War Tactics

get off my lawn lady liberty fights with russia bear

Russian Fighter Plane Buzzed US Warship in Black Sea: we started the Vietnam war after parking our navy right in the face of Hanoi and then falsely claiming Hanoi attacked our misplaced fleet.  We do this all the time.  Right now, we are parking major parts of our fleet in the front yards of China and Russia irritating both while we scream about them daring to sail ships or fly planes nearby.  This tactic is classic and highly provoking and note the US diplomats and media claim Russia has no right to protect Russian-speaking Ukrainians but we have the right to militarily and with the CIA, meddle deep into Ukraine for our own ends.

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Jade Rabbit Makes Moon China Territory, US Retaliates By Near Crash With China Ship

There are so many things going on it is hard to keep up with the nonsense things.  But one big news story this week screams for attention: the US has been, along with Japan, grossly infringing on China’s front doorstep and are on the verge of triggering WWIII.  This is no small matter since the US has systematically refused to disarm even as it screams about Iran’s arms that don’t even exist anymore than Iraq’s WMD.

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US Navy And Air Force Want Trillions For Protecting Overseas Banking Operations

As the GOP demands severe cutbacks in all social programs, the Pentagon sails onwards, protecting other nations while our borders are barely patrolled to stop illegal aliens.  And the hideously expensive War on Muslims rages onwards costing the US public trillions of dollars over time.  Just as the Cold War cost us very dear and moved the US from being a sovereign wealth nation into a pitiful Sovereign Debt nation.  All the wrong things are being done due to our government being run by internationalists who park their wealth overseas while expecting the US taxpaying public, those making less than a million a year, to foot the bill or lose services at home. Continue reading


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