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CIA Demands WWIII Because Russia Has New Air DEFENSE Systems


Alert News:CIA Prepares For War With Russia, The Response Russia’s New S 500 Deadly Air Defence –Yes, Russia has a strong military and a great deal of this is DEFENSIVE because there is this very long history of invaders attacking Russia with no warning.  Russia is ready for WWIII.  They recently did a civilian alert for WWIII whereas our government didn’t even lift a finger to do this while at the same time, Congress, Obama the Peace Pig, and Hillary the Hysterical scream WWIII all the time with zero civilian alerts.   Now look at Russian news:  Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions! Continue reading


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Putin Forms Alliance With Japan While EU/US Media Imposes Censorship On Alternative News

Abe of Japan and Putin of Russia hold joint news conference about new alliance.  The other day, I watched the video of PUTIN SHOWS OFF HIS GUARD DOG at their request, the Akita was from Japan as a gift and was barking at the photographers.  Now, Putin has made a deal with the Japanese who want to make money.  This, at the same hour the US government DNC and some GOP Bilderberg gangsters were shrieking their heads off yelling, ‘Putin runs our elections!  Not us!!!!’  HAHAHA.

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US Media Giants And Democrats Want WWIII, Also Billion People Spied On By US And Yahoo



How Russia Wants to Undermine the U.S. Election | TIME Magazine has been pushing very hard to start WWIII.  This insanity isn’t just with this one publication, all of them who have Bilderberg gangsters owning or running them, are attacking Russia trying to make Russia look evil in order to hide the greater evil of NATO and Israel and Saudi Arabia, architects of WWIII. None are worse than the top Zionist warmongers of the New York Times: Let’s Get Putin’s Attention – The New York Times war horse, Friedman writes about how evil Putin is and how he is buddies with Trump who NEVER MET HIM BEFORE.  Also, Yahoo joined our Stalinist Democrats in spying on a BILLION citizens of the world.


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Crazy Lawyer From India Shoots 6 People In Mall While Dressed As Nazi

Crime Is Up, But There Is Context – YouTube in nearly all black-dominated cities.


Before going into this bizarre story about a guy whose family came over not too long ago from India, running around gunning at people while dressed like a Nazi…to open this casket up,we must look at this lunatic asylum editorial from a liberal paper:  Violent Crime Is Up, but Donald Trump Is Still Wrong – The Daily Beast


John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University and a nationally recognized expert on crime and prison data, said it’s hard to draw any trend line at all from one or two years of data.

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Muslim Terrorist Deliberately Murders Young Children In Munich

45 years ago in Germany, I heard the great singer, Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, sing Kindertotenlieder by Gustaf Mahler…Schiesserei im München vor McDonald’s – YouTube

Did Munich killer lure children to their deaths on Facebook? | Daily Mail Online: I am thoroughly disgusted by this  news.  As a mother and grandmother, this is so unforgivable. Continue reading


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Elie Wiesel, Nazi Extermination Victim, Can’t Understand Palestinians Are Same As Him

This weekend, we celebrate the violent revolution of which my own family happily participated in 1776.  But like here where we are shortsighted about revolutions, there is a reminder of the past that never really dies.  For example, this story of someone who was tortured viciously by the German Nazis:  ‘He was in many ways, the conscience of the world’: Obama leads the tributes to Holocaust survivor, author and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel who has died at age 87. A most tragic life and the worst tragedy of all was how unable he was to look in the mirror and see how he was turning himself into a Nazi.  Why don’t Palestinian parents talk to their children about peace and hope, he complained.

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I Go To Russia To Discover Real News Since US & EU Media Lie About Everything

Screen shot 2016-06-12 at 8.18.23 AM

Bilderberg 2016: US election and refugees top of agenda at secret invite-only conference (PHOTOS) — RT News

I am very much a blonde hair/pale skin/blue-green eyed Nordic person whose family came sailing out of the Arctic regions to attack all of Europe.  I am almost all recessive genes since my distant ancestors in Africa were very definitely brown eye/very dark skin humans who evolved near the equator during Ice Ages.  Well…Immigration to save Europe from ‘degenerating into inbreeding’ – German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble announced today in Germany where popular support for bringing in millions of angry young muslim males is collapsing.  This is funny since it is a mirror image of the Nazi Master Race idea with the German claiming that Muslims are the Master Race now.


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