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Latest Mass Shooter Was A Classic Nazi, Not Conservative

The government and mainstream media has loudly declared we should not read the manifesto of the young, insane mass murderer because this is evil.  This is also stupid, the killer in Texas was highly intelligent and very alienated and extremely turned to political activism exactly like the extreme Berkeley leftists who kidnapped Patty Hearst, for example, were highly intelligent, upper middle class terrorists, too, who I knew, personally, when they were ordinary students.  The FBI even interviewed me about these upper class terrorists back in 1970.  I watched them radicalize themselves more and more over time.


The Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, the baby boom all surged together to create a radicalized political climate.  Underlying all of this was the Bilderberg gang’s planetary operations and underlying all that was and still is the interlocking black magic activities of the ruling elites.  This makes for a very toxic atmosphere.


All political/social mass shootings which have been on the rise for a number of years now, are due to the very heavy indoctrination/information battles going on which the internet has accelerated greatly.  The manifesto is clearly written and not mad ravings at all which I find very interesting since I actually have read ‘Mein Kampf’ by a certain Herr Hitler, in German, many years ago.


The cultural, political and social analysis is actually NOT insane but is rather, a common solution when a civilization is experiencing upheavals leading to social/economic conflicts.  These happen all the time in history, my own ancestors were brutal invaders of civilizations, taking over systems via killing or enslaving vast populations.  This is what their ‘business’ was all about: CONQUEST and EXPLOITATION.


People pretend to be shocked by all this.  It is insanity to pretend to be shocked.  History is a very bloody business and written mainly by the violent winners.  The charming side of history is how previous brutal winners weaken and then are taken over by new populations of brutal winners.

This very intelligent young white male is typical of many white males today: he is suddenly waking up to the fact that other populations moving into North America and Europe are systematically eliminating or restraining or crushing them.  I have warned about this many times: replacing white males with alien populations will lead to Naziism.


These males have few choices left.  Some have joined the far left and are screaming for their own elimination which is baffling except easy to foresee since our ‘higher education’ is teaching everyone that white males are evil and should be eliminated.  So joining the SJW gangsters screaming for annihilating white males makes short term sense.  But it is merely suicide.


Young white males are increasingly bitter and increasingly aware that far from being privileged, they are being sent literally to the back of the line.  Young white males studying the sciences, for example, are now under full sustained attack.  Universities refuse to hire them for teaching/research positions and giving lower intelligence populations such as most women and minorities almost all open positions now.


White males are now told to become plumbers or do manual labor instead of intellectual jobs which will be handed over to weaker, lower IQ populations.  This, of course, will lead eventually to the collapse of our civilization.  Rewarding weakness leads to social and physical systems deteriorating to collapse.  History is very clear about this.

‘My whole life has been preparing for a future that currently doesn’t exist’, writes the mass killer.  ‘The job of my dreams will be likely automated.’  He is correct in his analysis.  He is also correct in discussing how he is being replaced by new populations who are coming from elsewhere just like his own ancestors invaded.


Yes, I recognize the fact of invasions: my own clan’s entire business on this planet was to systematically invade places and take over, they did this for 2,000 years.  I am openly realistic about all this.  My own ancestors moved straight across the North American continent after landing in what became New Amsterdam (NY city) and in less than 400 years ended up on the coast of California and deep into Arizona before the Civil War!  They did this all on foot or horse or oxen.


They came all the way over before the first train tracks.  They hiked the entire way.  Population movements has been happening for many eons.  It is how humans evolved.  We are a very restless species, at least, some of us are.

This young radical is also a racist.  I also will note that mixing races is also how my own clan survived the vicissitudes of history.  One of the best things to happen to my clan was being kicked out of Europe by the monocultural royals in England, France and Spain.  Being forced to flee, my various ancestors came crashing into the New World and immediately began to have sexual relations with the populations here.


The mixture is most interesting.  I had six siblings.  We all looked quite different from each other.  I looked like a blonde Nazi ideal woman, my German relatives recognized me immediately and I, them.  On the other hand, one of my older sisters looked so Native American Indian, she played one in the movies!  Another, younger sister, she played aliens on Star Trek.


Neither sister looked anything like me!  My parents would have to explain this when we were all children.  All of the grandchildren, without exception, look even more mixed including my half-Chinese grandson who I adore.  I think all these grandchildren are delightful and I love the fact that they are ‘mixed’ because this makes for a stronger genetic base.


What always bothers me and this includes the sad story of the Jewish people, when you DON’T mix populations, you get more genetic defects!  The more strict a Jewish family is with marrying only ‘echt Juden’ is…they suffer many terrible genetic diseases.  We know from breeding domestic animals that the more tightly the mating is controlled for any reason, the level of bad genetic defects rises rapidly.


This is why all royal families end up producing weak, stupid, befuddled rulers who then cause their dynasty to utterly collapse.  I always thought of ‘blue blood’ to mean ‘weak/stupid blood’ and I am correct in thinking this way.  It is a one way street straight down the tubes.  Many years ago, I did a long range 4H breeding project to prove that you can turn bunny rabbits into violent dog-like pitbull rabbits via only breeding ‘brave’ rabbits.


It worked!  I finally produced Killer Rabbit.  We all loved Killer Rabbit, watching him terrorize dogs, for example, was immensely funny for us teenagers.  I used Killer Rabbit to guard my home and even had a sign on the gate warning about Killer Rabbit.  One day, a new postman saw the sign and thought it was a joke, he entered Killer’s territory and the rabbit attacked him.  So we had to kill Killer Rabbit.


This made the news in Tucson back then and everyone thought it was amazing and funny.  But it wasn’t funny, it was my proof that any creature can evolve into being very aggressive if given the right environment.  Now, everyone assumes that rabbits can be violent, movies and cartoons feature violent rabbits but I actually deliberately bred one!


The young man’s solution to what is happening is very violent and he became very violent.  But the other side of this coin is also very violent.  Many of the new invaders are waving foreign flags, screaming in a foreign language and showing every intention of taking over violently.  And the leftists are enabling this and this is leading to a classic clash between communists and Nazis.  And many groups such as Zionists, are also Nazis.  This fact is constantly denied and hidden from populations.  But it is reality.


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Arctic Conditions Locks Down Northeast While Bloomberg Campaigns Against Global Warming

Yes, it is a real news story.  I am now buried under nearly three feet of snow and all of March the daytime temperatures has been below or just above freezing and this is going to continue until at least mid-March.  So much for ‘global warming’.  I live on part of this ‘globe’ and am pissed off, big time.  Also, the Bilderberg gang is freaking out over Trump’s trade war as he forces corporations to return production to the USA and hire American workers!  The Real Rulers hate this idea, totally.

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US ‘Diplomats’ Force IAEA To Not Pressure Israel To Sign Nuclear Treaties

The US spends most of its diplomatic capital protecting Zionists and enabling their plans for expansion and exploitation while at the same time, protecting vicious royals and sheiks of oil pumping nations to oppress their people and dominate Islam.  This bizarre business runs in tandem with the Global Warming insanity which claims that burning coal and oil is evil and is going to cause the sky to fall on our heads unless we run like scared sheep and rabbits into the cave where the bears and wolves live.

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Zionist Neocon Rubin Whines About Obama Being Unenthusiastic For More Ethnic Warfare

The raving neonazi lunatic, Ms. Rubin who has a perch at the stable of Zionists who are the only ones allowed to write editorials for the warmongering Washington Post  is whining today about how Netanyahu’s stand in puppet, Obama, isn’t ENTHUSIASTIC about his role as AIPAC’s puppet!  A teachable moment in foreign policy – The Washington Post


His entire demeanor was that of a truculent teenager forced to perform some disagreeable chore. His lack of enthusiasm, verging on resentment for carrying out his obligations as commander in chief, is remarkable. Military action in Iraq may have some interesting consequences. It may drive home some hard foreign policy lessons for the public, politicians and pundits:

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New York Times Claims Nazi Hatred Of Palestinians Is A NEW Thing Confined Only To Tiny Minority Of Orthodox Jews

90 Gazans Killed; No Reports of Israeli Casualties while Israel Escalates: Says Gaza Goal Is Not Ceasefire. Just like so many times in the past when Jews used terror and killing to ethnic cleanse areas they wanted to steal, Israel Warns 100,000 Gaza Residents to Leave Ahead of Invasion.  Naturally, meanwhile our Zionist State Department operative, John Kerry,  makes surprise dawn visit to Kabul to broker peace between Afghan presidential rivals both claiming victory.  Next, he will probably go to Iraq to fix that mess, too.  Just kidding.

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Apocalypse, Ja: Neo Nazi Israel Jews Want Jews-Only State And Eviction Of Everyone Else


Israeli Settlers Chop Down Roman-Era Olive Trees in Israel and Palestine …As Putin increasingly wins in Ukraine and as Europe slides into a full blown depression due to wanting to please AIPAC and the US, Netanyahu has decided this is the time to do the Judenrein Nazi work in Palestine: the final solution to the problem of sharing anything with other humans.  The Jews, who learned all the wrong lessons from WWII, are working as hard as possible to start WWIII along with the grave assistance of the newly powerful Japanese fascists.  Rand Paul, last week, proposed a bill in Congress supporting Judenrein Israel which would be for Jews only and cutting all funds to any Palestinians or Muslims in general.  And suddenly he is getting the nod from AIPAC.


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US And Allies Against ‘Evil’ (Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Palestinian, etc.) Falling Apart Financially

‘Fragile Five’ Are the Latest Nations in Turmoil: Turkey, Brazil, India, South Africa and Indonesia as economies too dependent on skittish foreign investment to finance their growth ambitions and now last night at midnight, the Turkish central bank makes massive rate hikes to stem lira fall.  Japan launched this latest round of currency devaluation which is now a roaring fire again.

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