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Retired CIA Boss Brennan Attacks Trump Calling Him Russian Agent For Trying Simple Diplomacy


On NBC news with Mika Brezinski, daughter of a top DNC powerbroker daddy…decided to interview John Brennan who used to run the CIA.  Trump and Brennan then traded twitter statements with Trump trolling Brennan and Brennan acting like a junior high kid.  The mask of ‘competence’ and ‘smarts’ our Real Rulers like to have us believe is slipping badly now with Trump egging them on. Continue reading

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CNN Blasted By Trump Supporters (Me Too) And CNN Claims Trump Is Endangering THEM!

The Media Empires Strike Back: yes, they are now attacking Trump and the rest of us voters, screaming that by showing videos of them openly lying and boasting about lying, videos of the mass media playing dirty tricks or setting up staged fake events so they could push their agenda on us all…and worse, drive us into WWIII and egging on people into assassinating Republicans especially Trump…now they are whining about being shown to be fakers and fools!  HAHAHA.

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US Taxes Flow Overseas, US Diplomacy Endangers Americans, Foreign Agents Own Congress And Media

Hardship Makes a New Home in the Suburbs – NYTimes.com details the terrible struggles recent ‘immigrants’ (aka: illegal aliens) to survive in California.  That dry, hot state absorbed a huge tsunami of foreigners invading the last 30 years.  They were great cheap labor and wages of carpenters and brick layers and other professions fell like a rock compared to inflation which is why this flood was encouraged by the elites who greatly profited from this.


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