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Race Wars, Destructive Social Conditions, Warmongering: Things That Grow During Depressions Are Growing Today

What is popularity?  Readers usually want to read only things that confirm group thinking.  This is why History is so bloody: if everyone read things that shocked the mind and forced someone to argue, to think, we would not have helpless falls off of obvious cliffs.  I have been tracking the connection between fascism and economic collapses all my life and now as we live in exactly this, people hate my message as I explain what will happen next and why this will happen.  We want fairy tales, damn it!  Sane thinking about trade, jobs, money and ethnic cleansing is verboten.  Look at how say, the Huffington Post has become a warmongering, ‘Let’s have WWIII’ rag so effortlessly!  The left is dying in not just the US but the world as ethnic identity politics poison public relations and drives us relentlessly into wars even as our rulers seek to dilute socialist powers by pushing for more immigration.

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Eastern Ukraine Orthodox Russians Win War With NATO, Bilderberg Gang Insane With Rage

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I predicted that the East Ukrainians would win their fight and this was based on looking at their sense of justice, their brio, their determination to undo the coup in Kiev and resist the neo nazis put into power by the EU and US.  The Bilderberg gang that was formed at the end of WWII in order to corral European nations into a capitalist alliance when the people were demanding more socialism, is furious with the Russian success in fighting this proxy war in Ukraine.  Putin is very popular in Russia today!  Very popular.  Seen as a strategic genius, turning a Russian defeat into a Russian moral and military victory! Continue reading


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After IDF Brutally Kills Four Children On Beach Deliberately, Israel Calls A Ceasefire

Gaza Palestinian boys killed by IDF rockets

The four boys were killed by IDF missiles that supposedly were used to kill ‘fighters’ only there were no fighters on the beach at all.


The obvious murder of a group of young Palestinian boys brutally killed by an IDF jet has finally stopped the mayhem in Gaza.  Israel had to admit it made a ‘mistake’ which seems awfully convenient since they make this same mistake every day, of killing innocent children who are not Jews.  This is the end result of racism and ethnic cleansing.  You have to have excuses for killing children.  The photos and filmed evidence of the brutal murder of these boys has finally quenched the fires lit by Jews angry about the deaths of some boys living illegally on the West Bank.

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