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NY and NJ Elite Political Power People Break Laws, Hate Cops

I used to live in NYC and Northern New Jersey.  My husband dealt with the Port Authority frequently due to his work in shipping.  This video was made several months ago by the NJ State Troopers where the child of a Port Authority political DNC female and she was driving a car with out of date plates and registration from cheap insurance state of Nevada, not expensive New Jersey.  The Port Authority lady had to resign after anonymous troopers released this video.


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Obama Tries To STOP Any Quarantines! Ebola Nurse Complains Quarantine ‘Violates Human Rights’

Throughout history for centuries, the main way of stopping a contagious epidemic was to quarantine people.  The modern way is via vaccinations.  We have neither a working quarantine NOR a vaccine for ebola and this is crazy.  We have to impose a quarantine until a vaccination is handed out.  The Doctors Without Borders continue to show arrogance and pride and an utter misunderstanding how they are SPREADING this noxious disease, not stopping it.

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There Was NO Blood Test Of Liberian Sick On Plane, Examined Only For ‘Symptoms’

The CDC lied when they claimed the Liberian who was sick in Newark, has no ebola.  They simply noted at the hospital that there were no strong SYMPTOMS of ebola!  That isn’t a real diagnosis we know that the symptoms show up very suddenly, one minute, a person has a low level fever then it shoots to 105 degrees which is how the Hong Kong flu worked, too.  We still don’t know when the infection rate begins to rise, doctors are only guessing.  Certainly, at death, it is very high indeed.

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Bayonne NJ Is Landfill At Sea Level And Doomed To Flood No Matter What

The New York Times complains that ‘only’ 544 apartments have been built on top of this sea level swamp in Bayonne,  New Jersey.  The land which was sold by the Navy to NJ is a dredged soil artificial spit of property jutting out into the ocean.  Global warmists have been howling for two decades about how precious coastal lands will be destroyed if the oceans rise even one inch.  At the same time these same elites have aggressively intruded on natural ocean shorelines to increase ocean front properties built right at sea level where hurricanes and nor’easters regularly visit.


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NJ Gov. Christie Gang Ordered Illegal GW Bridge Closing To Punish Dem Mayor Fort Lee

Just the other day my son and I were stuck for several long hours on the George Washington Bridge due to a plane landing on the north lanes causing this shutdown.  But during the previous election, it appears that the appointees to the Port Authority which runs all the bridges, toll tunnels and other transport systems including the World Trade Center, conspired with Governor Christie to punish the mayor of Fort Lee by shutting off his town’s access and egress with a pretend ‘Homeland Security’ study.

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