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California And New York Refuse To Allow Examination For Illegal Alien Voters

Obama Tells Illegals to Vote – YouTube

(My traditional 4th of July parade photos will probably appear tomorrow due to not having the program on my new computer to process the pictures)


The DNC has moved heaven and earth to allow illegal aliens to vote and have crippled all systems set up to insure only citizens vote.  This gigantic scandal is buried by most of the mainstream media.  The entire DNC lies about voting.  Now, there is a commission to look into how states allow illegal aliens to vote and half of the nation’s political leaders are moving heaven and earth to hide this information and prevent it from going forwards.

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Senator Schumer’s Jewish Crocodile Tears About Muslims Coming To US


Today’s Wailing Wall Story Collection:  Chuck Schemer from my state of NY which has more Zionists per square foot in NYC than anywhere on earth outside of Tel Aviv, has been CRYING for poor Muslim males who are not being allowed into the US without first strengthening our ability to see who is a terrorist and who isn’t a terrorist…a man who works tirelessly for Israel and justifies the TALLEST wall ON EARTH to stop Muslims from entering HIS beloved stolen homeland…is weeping because these very same Muslims can’t come here, too.  There has to be a special Hell for hypocrites like this disgusting man.

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Hurricane Sandy House Repair Collapses Due To Stupidity And Possible Fraud

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 8.50.22 AM

Devastating scenes as home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy COLLAPSES just days before family were due to move back in:

I made my living ever since my university degree program was annihilated, by building or rebuilding houses.  Often, several stories high or historical buildings as well as designing and building my mountain home (mostly by myself, working alone and with great help from friends and family during the harder parts of construction) and my specialty was doing very difficult jobs many builders avoid.  Today’s news is about a house damaged by Hurricane Sandy in NYC and how the builders put a fully-built story on top of a half-built frame and this crushed the lower story.

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Hillary Barely Won NY Via Inner City Voters, 80% Other Areas Voted For Sanders

Screen shot 2016-04-20 at 9.46.59 AM

The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

Hillary and her gang of Bilderberg buddies are making a huge thing about winning the primary in New York.  Look at how she did NOT sweep my state at all, she won only in the cities.  And the vast majority of this voting group were black voters.  Note also the naked numbers: only roughly a million votes for her in a state that has roughly 20 million people.  The meagre vote for her shows up in detail below:

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Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn gentrified neighborhood where cops were shot dead

This shooting today took place very near where I used to live in Brooklyn, NY.  Here is a shot of Myrtle Avenue where the killer attacked the two police officers.


Both have now died:  Two New York police officers shot execution style ‘in revenge for Eric Garner’: Suspect ‘pumped bullets into officers after creeping up on car’ in Brooklyn  | Daily Mail Online


Investigators told the New York Post that they are looking into posts on the Instagram social network from a man who detailed explicit plans to kill two NYPD officers today because of the controversial death this summer.


The message, which included the words ‘this may be my final post, has now been deleted along with the rest of the account.


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Obama Tries To STOP Any Quarantines! Ebola Nurse Complains Quarantine ‘Violates Human Rights’

Throughout history for centuries, the main way of stopping a contagious epidemic was to quarantine people.  The modern way is via vaccinations.  We have neither a working quarantine NOR a vaccine for ebola and this is crazy.  We have to impose a quarantine until a vaccination is handed out.  The Doctors Without Borders continue to show arrogance and pride and an utter misunderstanding how they are SPREADING this noxious disease, not stopping it.

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Editor of Adirondack Life Nature Magazine Whines About Lack Of Snow Last Winter!

While I was waiting for my husband at the hospital, I read this magazine about the mountains in New York called Adirondack Life. This month’s editorial in the magazine was about…GLOBAL WARMING.  You see, there will be no snow in the mountains and everyone is going to roast to death. I was puzzled about this editorial that naturally, blames all humans for no snow.  This was pure lunacy, of course, we just came out of a record snow/cold year, after all.  But the propaganda is so ingrained, it is like a mental itch that has to be scratched no matter what.


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