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US Boycott Of Iran Collapses, Israel Abuse Of Palestine Gets Worse The More Kerry ‘Negotiates’

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Japan makes first oil payment to Iran in a year which shows how close Abe is to Obama. That is, Japan does whatever it wishes and it couldn’t wait to sign the first contract.  Meanwhile, we are expected to back Japan’s warmongering against China, Russia and South Korea.  Incidentally, Nikkei hardest hit amid global share sell off because the yen got stronger despite the Bank of Japan working overtime to weaken the yen so Japan can export more to the US and EU.  The Chinese boycott of Japanese goods is rising and beginning to really hurt.

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US Military, Japan Military And China Military Play Dangerous Game Of Chicken In Asian Airspace

The US media has mainly studiously kept all news about the New Asian Power Push out of the front pages in favor of hammering on Iran and Syria.  But the cold war there is heating up very rapidly ever since Kerry and Obama gave Abe the green light to make huge territorial demands backed by US taxpayers and our troops.  Now, it is exploding in size as China sends planes into air defense zone after Japan, S Korea, U.S. defy rules.


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The Derivatives Beast Begins Growing Again! OTC Trades Resume

Japan’s Nikkei continues to self-destruct as China buys US corporations left and right while the US Wall Street con artists and gangstas revive the dreaded Derivatives Beast playing wild Ponzi gambling games using no capital base and waiting for the Fed to bail them all out again and again and again.  Time to snarl and snap about all this!  And we seem helpless to stop them.  Instead, we are debating sex, abortion, guns and other matters such as the need for FEMA.  Oh, by the way, a tornado passed to the north of my home last night.  We need FEMA functional. Continue reading


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Japan’s Huge Trade Deficit With Asia And Middle East Destroys Finances


BOJ’s Kuroda says pain from bond yield rise is manageable which is pure wishful thinking.  Japan can’t let interest rates rise above ZIRP levels for a reason: the huge, huge overhanging levels of debt!  The US fell into the Japanese trap, too.  As has England and some European countries.  Interest rates can and do suddenly shoot upwards when debt loads are too great.  This is why taxing the rich is so important, only they can pay down huge debts.  And globally, the very rich refuse to do exactly that.

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