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Disabled Vet Kolfage’s Go Fund Me Wall Account Shut Down By Fake Liberals

Congresswoman Pelosi, head of the DNC, said on camera, she would give the border wall Go Fund Me $1.  So severely disabled former soldier, Kolfage who has raised over $20 million in just two weeks, came to Congress yesterday to collect the $1 donation from her only to be turned away because this freaky woman doesn’t honor any promises she makes.  Go Fund Me today announced they will not hand over the $20 million to Kolfage and will, instead, return it to patriots who donated.  Kolfage has a new fundraiser site now.  More about that later.
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Russia Is Blamed For Everything, Radical Leftists Continue Campus Attacks On Sane People

The Gateway Pundit 

Has a number of stories about the chaos in DC caused by ridiculous ‘investigations’ launched by DNC/Bilderberg gang tools and this week, it coughed up this cat hair ball of an inditement that is silly, stupid and insane: Russia interfered in our last election via having web sites online and other normal means.  Good lord, the USA has openly and covertly interfered in elections overseas and at home using all tools including assassinations and burning cities.  Why aren’t we having hearings about the long history of government-sponsored chaos and crimes perpetrated by the CIA and Secretary of States like Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy to overthrow Gaddafi, for example.

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Record Cold And Snow: Norovirus Joins H1N1 Epidemic Sickening Many, Cruise Ships Big Carriers Of This Plague


Northern hemisphere snow cover Feb 8, 2014

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover – NOHRSC – The ultimate source for snow information:  It is still very bitterly cold here and won’t be warm until at least another week of below or at zero nights.  I still have plenty of firewood because I frantically sawed and chopped and stacked it all up literally to the rafters during the fall due to fears of a long, harsh winter.  And the Farmer’s Almanac agreed and I trust them more than NOAA.  Incidentally, the poor prognosticators there, after admitting this month will be cold in the very tip top of the northern plains but not here or even the Great Lakes region, they are telling me that spring is going to be much, much hotter than usual.  HAHAHA.  We shall see.  I seriously doubt this.

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