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Mass Killings As Ukraine Coup Attacks Unarmed Citizens

Украина Одесса Горит Дом Профсоюзов Погибло 38 человек 02 05 2014 – YouTube

The battle over Ukraine has begun.  The US/NATO alliance working for the IMF have forced an attack on the other half of Ukraine and many have been killed already.  Russia is furious and this is the usual double standard: it is OK for NATO to murder but everyone else has to be gentle and kind.

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G8 Meeting: All About Cutting Up Countries For Imperial Powers

Putin an Clegg talk about Syria at G8

Iran just had an election. The Shiites voted for ‘less radical’ leaders and the US, happy with this, snarled that this is a ‘real’ (HAHAHA, unlike our own!) election and therefore, it better stand and not have a bunch of religious right wing fanatics constantly calling for Obama to be impeached.  Oops. Wrong election.  Anyways, Snowden continues to make the news mainly overseas, slowly a media blackout of this pesky spy is emerging as the only solution to the Assassination Nation’s problems with wholesale spying.  And finally, Obama endorsed Britain’s continuing seizure of a big bite of Ireland claiming this is the IDEAL solution to ethnic cleansing, namely, dividing nations along ethnic/religious lines.  AIPAC thanks him for his invasion of Syria/endorsing ethnic cleansing remarks. Continue reading


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