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NATO Increases Pressure On Putin While Germany And Greece Make Gas Deals With Russia

The US and EU NATO machine operators have been pushing harder and harder for WWIII and are due to succeed since everyone is now in a nuclear arms race which was began by the US, not Russia.  Now, it is on the verge of blowing up over the littlest things and one of these things are fossil fuels which Europe badly wants from Russia but doesn’t want to pay for so…they are confiscating Yukos Oil financial holdings.  Oh, robbing Russia, what a fantastic idea only Russia isn’t a weak, helpless entity.  No, not even slightly.

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France, Working For Netanyahu, Scuttles Iran Nuke Talks In Paris

Literally in the middle of the night, the French deliberately torpedoed the nuke negotiations in Paris after Netanyahu threw a huge fit over progress made previously.  Like in America, the Jewish community in France is very politically active and quite large and can throw its weight around quite a bit as was demonstrated in the middle of the night when it is most convenient for killing off things they don’t want.


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