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Major Earthquake Hits Kyushu, Japan Which Has Several Huge Volcanoes Near Nuclear Power Plants

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Seismic Monitor – Recent earthquakes on a world map and much more.


A major earthquake has shaken one of the many islands that make up Japan:  Japan earthquake: thousands flee amid concerns over volcanoes and aftershocks.  There have been many, many aftershocks today but not too many deaths due to no tsunamis.  Japan still reels from the 3/11/11 tsunami disaster thanks to Fukushima.  Some towns wiped out during that event have not been rebuilt, one town lost 90% of its people and is now a wasteland.  So, another earthquake and no dangers?  Far from it!  This island has two nuclear complexes…NEAR VOLCANOES.  And one of these is absolutely huge: Aso.

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China And India Give EU And US Global Warming $100 Billion Demand

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Photo Gallery: A Lonely Victory – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International: the main German propaganda organ is Der Spiegel.  I was once in Der Spiegel back in 1968, giving a speech standing on top of a VW in München (Munich).  The Germans decided to mock Russia’s celebration of knocking off Hitler.  Shamelessly, Merkel refused to go because she supports neo-Nazi fascists in Ukraine.  The second time Germany has done this.  The German article lies about who was at the Russian parade: China and India both had troops there and stood next to Putin and held very important meetings with him to discuss NATO’s crimes.

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Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Transformer Explosion Reminds Us How Close Nuclear Disaster Is To NYC

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Tornado, foot of snow hit S.D. as Great Plains in storm path – StarTribune.com

We know for certain that nuclear power plants blow up.  It isn’t frequent but the consequences are dire and last generations, not brief.  Cleaning up after an event is nearly impossible which renders nuclear energy as a very dangerous solution to energy desires.  The other day I wrote about the orbital solar energy beaming down to earth based energy collection/transmission points and people pointed out the various concerns about dong this but none came even remotely near the realistic and highly destructive problems created by exploding nuclear power plants.  They are nearly unique in their ability to make huge areas evolutionary danger hot zones due to causing genetic damage to all living things.


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Fukushima Continues To Run Out Of Control

▶ Japan: Drone captures TONNES of nuclear waste being stored at Fukushima – YouTube


Even as mainstream media screams about ‘global warming’ and ‘California’s deserts are DRY!’ we have studious silence about Fukushima.  This Chicken Little approach to reality has a heavy price: the nuclear disaster that is still quite active and going strong, is definitely affecting the environment in deadly ways.  And no one has the faintest idea how to stop this.


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Osaka Japan Government Lies About Crime Statistics While Tokyo Lies About Fukushima Radioactive Mess

Osaka police admit hiding 81,000 crimes to clean up image ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion;  Americans and European marvel at the low crime rates in Japan but this is mainly deception.  Japan does have crimes!  This is fixed by either refusing to gather data, making it very hard to file a crime report and ignoring domestic violence.  As the state makes a hard right turn towards fascism, the most right wing local government, Osaka, has a crime stat scandal.

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Oishinbo Gourmet Reporter Manga Censored By Abe For Fukushima Food Story

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Oishinbo manga – Mangago: This long-running manga about a newspaper food critic has now been censored by Abe and his gang because the artist dared to talk about the contaminated food from Fukushima.  So much nuclear pollution was caused by hundreds of nuclear bomb tests in the past, we have become accustomed to this radiation damage which medical care fixes daily, that is, cancers and birth defects.  Fukushima, like Chernobyl, has simply increased this and this is what Japan’s rulers want to hide.

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Netanyahu, Our Real President, Is At The White House Giving Obama, The Doorman, Marching Orders

Why aren’t the Palestinian people besieging the Knesset, setting up a tent city in the heart of Jerusalem and throwing molotov cocktails at the IDF?  The answer is simple: if any dare even do the smallest demonstration, they will be mercilessly beaten and if they fight back, slaughtered.  With US approval and protection in the UN.  And no European nation would say a peep.  Worse, in the US, if you even have peaceful demonstrations anywhere near the White House or Congress, unless you are a far right wing organization working on getting more power for corporations or AIPAC, you are treated this way: Police arrest dozens of Keystone XL protesters at White House.

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