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Ukraine, Japan And US Want WWIII

China navy warns US spy plane in disputed South China Sea as things heat up there. The US encouraged Japan to renew its history of unilateral territorial seizures and so China, deciding that diplomacy was dead, did the same thing to the howls of Japan and US rulers who wanted to humiliate China and negotiate nothing.  This comes on the tail end of Obama negotiating a CO2 treaty with China which outsiders and many Americans view as suicidal for the US.  Why our rulers are doing this is baffling.  They want to make oodles of money off of the CO2 scam while at the same time, they want to control China which is by far, the world’s greatest manufacturing power.  At the same time, the rich in the US want to import Chinese goods and profit from selling these to Americans.  A muddled mess that will end badly, I say.

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North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)Pentagon moves comm gear back to Cold War-era bunker because the Bilderberg gang thought they could take down Putin last year.  The G8 meeting where they all snubbed him was the opening shot in WWIII.  The US already endorsed Japanese territorial demands and when Russia was weak, had destroyed Yugoslavia and broke up several other Eastern European countries claiming that religious/ethnic lines require making separate nations.  This divide and conquer business is NOT allowed to anyone NATO rulers want to keep under their thumbs.  Scots or Andalusians, Wales or Northern Italians, all must stay inside their country borders no matter what and especially the Orthodox Russians in East Ukraine must be crushed.  This is leading directly to WWIII because the US is opposing a powerful nuclear military nation quite capable of wiping us out.


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Kerry Goes To Kiev To Start WWIII

Miz Liberty assassinates bin Laden

An old cartoon of mine.

For some hideous reason, the Bilderberg gang has decided to decapitate Putin and if this means launching WWIII, they will do this.  After years of NATO aggression expanding this military alliance closer and closer to Moscow, we now have a very definite line in the sand in the center of Ukraine which the US has decided decisively to cross after the appropriate propaganda which started with the winter Olympics.  So, Kerry travels to Ukraine as US weighs sending arms to the coup in Kiev while Russia warns US against supplying ‘lethal defensive aid’ to Ukraine.


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Puff The Magic Dragon NASA Orbital Resupply Rocket Goes Poof—Explodes During Virginia Launch

Because the EU and US elites needed badly to demonize Russia again so they could control their home populations, scare them and herd them into destructive economic choices, they used the shooting down of the Air Malaysia flight as a propaganda tool.  But this works only if no one sees the actual evidence so they deliberately hid this now for two months.  I keep waiting for them to release this data online and of course, the longer it is buried, the more obvious it is, the actual data totally contradicts the official stories put out by Western media and all the EU/US rulers who conspired, yes, CONSPIRED to lie about this matter.  Now, investigators who are professionals are refusing to go along with the ‘Blame Putin!’ game and are telling the truth.  The contract for Putin to supply the Space Station was terminated even though it was very cheap, and replaced with a very expensive alternative run by our billionaires, the ‘Dragon’ rocket which was named after the song.

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US Admits It Is Pushing North Korea Into War

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This headline is quite amusing.  The US is basically admitting that the drive towards war has been fueled by the US and hidden behind the US, Japan.  Both South Korea and China are not spooked by North Korea.  I noted earlier that headlines have focused on nearly anything else but North Korea in China and Japan, for example.  The US fear-mongering has also fallen flat in the US as has the warmongering against Syria.  Americans are angry about the government spending cuts and in no mood to go to war across the planet for no good reason. Continue reading


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