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NYC Mayor DeBlaiso Illegally Orders Schools To Not Cooperate With ICE Fed Agents


DNC NYC Mayor DeBlasio orders police in out of control NYC schools not cooperate with ICE agents due to violent illegal alien students!  The mayors of illegal ‘sanctuary cities’ that give illegal aliens the same rights including the vote so they can flood into cities and take over, are demanding the US government allow them to continue this program of chasing out citizens and replacing these with non taxpaying illegal aliens who obey the DNC leaders so they can continue this invasion.

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We Visit The Most Violent, Murderous Parts Of Chicago: Not Nearly As Wrecked As Detroit!

The Hoodie Store at intersection where the most murders in Chicago at West Madison and North Cicero

The Hoodie Store (my name for this joint) on the corner of West Madison and North Cicero, Chicago’s West Side, between the rail roads and Highway 290.Austin — Chicago Crime — ChicagoTribune.com has a murder map for Chicago.  I wanted to visit these actual neighborhoods to see what is going on there.  The right wing part of the media has this endless talking point about how violent Chicago is and that this is nearly 100% black on black or black on white crime, not anything like the Zimmerman business.  So I thought it is time to actually visit Chicago to see first hand, what is going on there. Continue reading


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