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NYC Mayor DeBlaiso Illegally Orders Schools To Not Cooperate With ICE Fed Agents


DNC NYC Mayor DeBlasio orders police in out of control NYC schools not cooperate with ICE agents due to violent illegal alien students!  The mayors of illegal ‘sanctuary cities’ that give illegal aliens the same rights including the vote so they can flood into cities and take over, are demanding the US government allow them to continue this program of chasing out citizens and replacing these with non taxpaying illegal aliens who obey the DNC leaders so they can continue this invasion.

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Non Citizens Of US Continue To Attack Trump For Stopping Illegal Aliens


Times of London columnist and author India Knight has called for the assassination of U.S. President, Donald J. Trump. Yes, a British London-based writer for the ‘liberal’ New York Times  is calling for the murder of an elected leader who won a real election. True, the left is pretending the election was run by Putin which is insanity but then, they join hands with foreign powers demanding we terminate the President we voted into office after just one week in office.


During a days-long invective against the newly inaugurated President, on Twitter in which Knight called Mr Trump a “moron”, “mad”, “needy”, and an “arse”, among other things, before telling him to “shut up”, she mused “the assassination is taking such a long time.”


These are the ‘responsible’ people calling for political murder.  There are many others doing this, too.  But they have the excuse of being egged on by the leaders who have a name: the Bilderberg gang and its employees.  Is this woman being fired?


Will the New York Times continue to publish her rants?  I know for a fact, when any citizen who is conservative writes anything remotely drastic or violent, they are fired from jobs and punished by being held up by the media giants as ‘evil’.


But when media giants and their employees do the same, silence.  So when will this violent woman be fired?

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-6-08-48-am screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-6-09-32-am

The hysteria surrounding this new Presidency is astonishing to watch.  Our Real Rulers are Really Pissed off at Trump for he is not one of them at all.  They have rigged up this system which negates nationalism and celebrates being ruled by distant people who conspire in deepest secrecy and who use our own police and military to protect them when they conspire to rule us as dictators.


They also hand out ‘culture goodies’ like mad.  This keeps the left happy and not focused on the economic rape going on or the displacement of people with aliens who have less power but are useful to the super rich who want cheap labor that can’t vote.


Then, seeing power slip through their fingers, the elites decided to get illegal aliens to vote and have them vote for open borders/more debt.  This woke up a sleeping giant which is now taking back all this and forcing the elites to stop.


Knight’s attitude is directly in-line with the British media class, many of whom she has cheered on via Twitter over the last few days.


Watching the joint press conference held by Mr Trump and the British Prime Minister Theresa May, in which they heralded a rebooting of the Special Relationship between their two countries, Knight retweeted a post by Buzzfeed political editor Jim Waterstone which implied that the American Secret Service were so incompetent that they couldn’t understand the British conventional way of rendering dates into numerical format (day-month-year).


You know, the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road, too.  HAHAHA.  Sigh.  When in the US, they have to do what we do and vice versa.


Another from fellow Times journalist Hugo Rifkind highlighted that the British press had use the question and answer session to call Trump a racist and a liar.


Isn’t that charming?  These same sorts kissed ass with Obama and seldom questioned him about anything.  He was, of course, a Bilderberg tool.  Their ideology prevents them from understanding anything or predicting anything.


I looked at the evolving election maps over the last 2 years and it was obvious that the Democratic machine was clinging to life in only one tier: cities filled with illegal aliens.  The liberal/illegal alien alliance is killing the Democratic Party.   They refuse to understand this because they imagine they can continue to flood England and the US with foreign aliens many of whom are from places with a terrible record for violence, no civil rights, etc.


Places that are a total wreck…with cultures that hate liberalism.  This nexus has devolved into liberals supporting heartily people to invade who HATE liberals with a deadly passion and can’t wait until they are in sufficient power to utterly annihilate liberals.


We recently had chaos in NYC all over the place thanks to a DNC tool, Mayor DeBlasio allows protests to shut down Kennedy Airport because it is a bunch of leftists demanding Trump do something stupid.


As crowds grew, the Port Authority suspended the AirTrain, which served as a key conduit for protesters coming from Jamaica Terminal and the Howard Beach subway station. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who partially controls the authority, reversed the decision about an hour later, citing the right to peaceful protest. “The people of New York will have their voices heard.”


Organizations including the AFT Union and New York Taxi Workers Alliance publicly announced their support for the protest.


“Our 19,000-member-strong union stands firmly opposed to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. As an organization whose membership is largely Muslim, a workforce that’s almost universally immigrant, and a working-class movement that is rooted in the defense of the oppressed, we say no to this inhumane and unconstitutional ban,” the NYTWA said in a statement.


“We stand in solidarity with all protesting at JFK #Terminal4 & airports across the country. We are a country of immigrants, we stand together,” AFT union wrote on Twitter.


I remember when taxi drivers understood English. Then the flood of illegal immigrants entered the scene.


There are thought to be over half a million illegal immigrants in New York City. They come from many parts of the world, especially Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean. About 70% of them have paid work, in catering, construction, retail, driving, … Taxi drivers & chauffeurs, 11,000, 20%. Stock clerks & order fillers, etc.


In a segment on last night’s episode of Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, producer and contributor Jesse Watters meant to gauge New York City taxi drivers’ thoughts on immigration reform. Instead, he mocked their accents and language skills, portraying immigrants as bumbling and unintelligent.


Watters also seemed shocked when one cab driver told him he had a master’s degree in Political Science. But this is actually a common occurrence. A recent documentary chronicled the stories of immigrant cab drivers who gave up professional careers in their home countries for taxi driving, which is one of the more stable and easily attainable source of employment for immigrants without employment credentials. Additionally, the Migration Policy Institute reported that there are 1.6 million college-educated immigrants in the U.S. who are underemployed or unemployed, often taking jobs such as taxi-driving because of the immense bureaucratic barriers for immigrants seeking work.


So…we have desperate US citizens with degrees reduced to taxi cab jobs…and have to bring in millions of illegal aliens who have useless degrees to do the same?  Since when have we had a shortage of taxi drivers?  Only if pay falls so low, no one wants to do it, then they bring in aliens.


Meanwhile, our government tells men they need to work or else, men can’t go on welfare.  Women simply pop out babies and stay on welfare and the men stay alive by bed hopping between welfare collecting women with a half dozen children.


The last thing we need are a million alien taxi drivers.  Right?  Oh, the open borders makes America stronger which is why we run perpetual trade and budget deficits, right?



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Massive Train Crash Hoboken NJ

New Jersey Train Crash Video Footage – YouTube


Train crashes in New Jersey station, several injuries reported…members of my family use this specific train and this station and I flipped out when I saw the news an hour ago and spent the last hour talking to everyone down there and my son-in-law was wondering why his train was being rerouted way out of the way, and he told the whole train car what was going on and everyone got on their cell phones mainly to tell family members they were OK.

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Trash Can Used In Manhattan Terror Bomb Has Muslim High Level Magic Number 323


323 is the most important part of the Koran.  The minute I saw this picture of the actual container that held the bomb in Manhattan, I knew this was a message to all of us who could divine the real meaning.  So I explored what 323 meant.  One thing I got was this: Why 323 is the magic number for supporters of the ‘rainbow coalition’ | The Independent.  The coalition the article is discussing is how to get many Muslims to join with liberals.


The figure that the Labour architects of a “rainbow coalition” will have emblazoned on their minds is 323.


That is the number of MPs who theoretically need to assemble under an anti-Tory umbrella to command a bare majority in the House of Commons. Although the actual figure for an overall majority is 326, in practice it is 323 because the five Sinn Fein MPs will not take up their seats.

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De Blaiso Of NYC Makes Dangerous Schools Worse With New Policies Restricting Punishments Further

Carrier Employees React To Layoff, Jobs Moving To Mexico – YouTube

Ford is moving ALL of its small car production from US to Mexico      Mexico wants to build a border wall with Central America to keep out illegal immigrants  who are violent and bringing chaos…HAHAHA.  And all this news tracks into the chaos, despair, sexploitation of our children who, especially the lower class, welfare children who are popped out to get money for their mothers and then thrown into the bin as ‘useless’ unless they can bring in loot via crime…Our major manufacturing cities are dying or dead.  They no longer make much of anything except crime and depravity.  They are hell holes for holding unwanted populations and sporadically set on fire and looted.  And the DNC, Hillary/Obama solution has been to unleash these hellions by not having any controls on them at all.

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Black Democratic Leaders Demand Whites Disarm And Whites Should Not Be Allowed To Defend Themselves From Armed Black Killers

Obama on WDBJ Shooting: Gun Violence ‘Dwarfs’ Terrorism Deaths: yes, our President actually said that.  The entire fraud of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is clear.  They want to talk only about whites killing blacks not blacks killing everyone and anyone in huge numbers outstripping all other killings.Why does Barack Obama only care about white gun crime? – asks the Telegraph which is overseas.  In the US, we are not to question this. Study: Murder victims disproportionately black – US news – Life – Race & ethnicity:


Most of the black murder victims — 93 percent — were killed by other black people, the study found. About 85 percent of white victims were slain by other white people.


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Famous Liberals Make Fools Of Themselves Talking About Police Shooting ‘Every 5 Minutes In NYC’


Both liberals and conservatives exaggerate and say stupid things in order to parade about, freaking out over all sorts of things in public.  This sad parade of fools plagues TV which is why I don’t watch it.  But I do read about it and here is today’s multiple examples of this sort of childishness:  Fran Lebowitz: When Giuliani was mayor an unarmed black man was killed every 5 minutes claims this delusional liberal.  She said, if you do the math, if ‘unarmed blacks’ were shot by the NY police ‘every 5 minutes’ so this meant a quarter million were killed a year.

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