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Rand Paul Prevents Steamroll Passage Of Two Major Bills, Demands Debates

From last week—CNN: Dem & GOP Senators Unite to Change Justice System 


Rand Paul has once again used his Senatorial powers to stop dead in its tracks, ‘unanimous’ passage of bills without being read or debated.  Over and over again, the Bilderberg gang who runs DC without consultation with the voters, tried to have big bills passed with zero debate or examination. This is how Obamacare as passed, for example.  Standing up to the globalist rulers is dangerous and Trump is an outsider who has no idea how this works.  Rand, on the other hand, grew up as an insider who was also an outsider, he dad not belonging to either major party.

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Finally The Autoimmune Episode Seems To Be Ending

▶ Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease (CVID) – Mystery Diagnosis – YouTube

Hooray!  I am finally off the pain killing regime that made it nearly impossible to type.  I did type a few sentences very painfully but it was difficult to do, made constant errors.  I am still feeling the drugs but it is going away and I make typos only every third word than every word.  I did a fair amount of research on autoimmune diseases when I first became sick last month.  Then I decided to watch some Mystery Diagnosis episodes.

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My Husband Is In The Hospital, May Need Heart Surgery

My husband had a heart attack yesterday and is now in the hospital. I still intend to post stories here but am also very busy taking care of this crisis. Luckily for us, we have insurance! The US Congress passed the Obamacare bill which was actually the Romneycare bill but this doesn’t stop Republicans from attacking this bill as a bad bill that is difficult for users seeking healthcare.


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Geithner Leaves NY Fed Reserve To Serve Warburg Pincus, International Investment Vulture Fund

It is no shock to anyone to see Fed Reserve chairs joining the pirates who have destroyed our economic system.  Geithner’s rise to a top position in an international investment vulture scheme surprises no one.  He used our collective credit to bail out the bankers and their buddies, the international investment gangs.  The US economic system works on behalf of internationalists who have little regard for the citizens of this country and who view us all as so much cattle representing potential future credit value which they milk via the immense trade and budget deficits which have been imposed on us ever since Nixon killed the gold standard. Continue reading


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Defense Contractors Get Huge Profits From Simple Weapons

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 6.49.02 PM

America’s staggering defense budget, in charts

While the US media focuses on ‘Obamacare’ which was a copycat of Romneycare in Massachusetts fame, the spy/military/industrial complex rolls relentlessly forwards with bipartisan looting going on and the Pentagon staff up to their ears in collusion with rapine.  The rapine is being done to US citizens who carry the debt burden created by these looting expeditions.  The Iraq and Afghanistan wars both were massive looting expeditions which took money from US citizens and made it all vanish into smoke and mirrors.

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Rich Billionaires Want No Obamacare And Offer No Alternatives While GOP Pushes For Bankruptcy

Due to Congress being filled with buffoons and baboons, we get crummy legislation that doesn’t work due to pleasing a zillion rich lobbyists who view the US as a looting operation.  So we got Obamacare which is a GOP program first pioneered by Romney who ran against Obamacare just like the entire GOP.  Romney and his ilk view Americans who are not rich as ‘takers’ so they are not at all interested in passing any budget except one that cuts out all programs for everyone who isn’t rich. Continue reading


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90% Of Americans Hate Each Other’s Political Parties And Think Congress Is Disaster

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans displeased with Washington, poll says.  It is very strange watching America today.  Just last month for the entire month our media owners and all of Congress, our Puppet President and all were jerking wildly about as Netanyahu and the Saudi royals yanks their strings, all shouting in near unison that we had to go to war with Syria and Iran plus Japan’s demand we go to war with China.  Now, chaos reigns as our government literally collapses.  AP: ‘Unmistakable Sense Of Unease In Capitals Around The World As U.S. Government Looks Increasingly Befuddled’…because it isn’t functioning right. Continue reading


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