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North Korea Sister Coup/ Spoiled Ruling Elite Rich Brats In China, Korea, Etc. Dooms Dictators In Long Run

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Moving along from news about ebola in the US, we have news that something screwy is going on in North Korea, the place with low CO2 emissions and low population growth, the model for our global warming future: Kim Jong Il’s former sushi chef sees coup potential back in January, 2014.


Jang, the uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who had served as the nation’s No. 2 official, was suddenly executed for treason last month. Kim Kyong Hui, his wife and the blood aunt of Kim Jong Un, has also made no public appearances for months, with some media even speculating that she has already died of a heart attack or suicide.


Evidently the Caligula clone had his own uncle and his family mass murdered because Jang used girls brought in as ‘dancers’ as concubines!  Had Jang shot with a machine gun and then flame throwers.  He is renown for his ISIS way of dealing with rivals and people he hates which is nearly everyone on earth.  So today, North Korea Coup Fears: Kim Jong-un ‘Under Threat’ as Pyongyang is Sealed Off after this lunatic was operated on due to him stuffing his fat face while his slaves starved to death.  Most likely, this being a very wolf-ish society at the top, when the Leader stumbles, the other wolves jump him.

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US Taxes Flow Overseas, US Diplomacy Endangers Americans, Foreign Agents Own Congress And Media

Hardship Makes a New Home in the Suburbs – NYTimes.com details the terrible struggles recent ‘immigrants’ (aka: illegal aliens) to survive in California.  That dry, hot state absorbed a huge tsunami of foreigners invading the last 30 years.  They were great cheap labor and wages of carpenters and brick layers and other professions fell like a rock compared to inflation which is why this flood was encouraged by the elites who greatly profited from this.


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US Encourages Killing Of Russian Ukrainians, Puts US Student In Prison Up To 5 Years For Hitting Cop With Elbow

Dozens injured, fatalities on both sides in ongoing military op in Slavyansk (VIDEO) — RT News

Ukraine: many feared dead in fresh Slavyansk clashes  after Brennan of CIA ‘Warmongers R US Agents’ fame visited secretly and gave permission to the coup to kill.  No Russians among Slavyansk self-defense forces – NYT reporters as yet again, the NYT had to admit they made up propaganda stuff.  This war is a classic.  The US lies about the genesis and then proceeds to imitate Nazis.

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US Approves Ukraine Riots, Will Kill Anyone Daring Riots Here In DC

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As economic chaos rises we see various uprisings all over the earth from Ukraine to Thailand, Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan (perpetual) and all over South America and most of Africa is reeling with uprisings, the entire Muslim world outside of the vicious dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, is stirring, the Egyptian one has been suppressed thanks to US, Israel and Saudi financing a coup there.  But the violence is rising there, too.  Meanwhile, Pussy Riot was freed by Putin and so they went to the Olympics for more publicity, complaining about being suppressed and this is embraced by US media which praised the suppression of Occupy Wall Street which was minimally violent where very violent rioters in Ukraine or Syria destroy whole cities and guess what?

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Virtually No One Likes Congress Especially Hate GOP Guys

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For millennials, political thrill is gone – The Washington Post: a panel of experts try to discover why young voters are becoming apathetic after Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were very violently suppressed.  The milling around on the Washington Post discussion spends a lot of time avoiding talking about how lobbyists like AIPAC and Big Oil or the bankers or other foreign powers as well as the Bilderberg gang control Congress and thus, steal our votes by getting our ‘representatives’ to represent them, not us.

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China Warns US To Not Circumvent The UN As Sarin Gas Accusations With No Proof Who Did It Rile Russia

Woman violently arrested for playing banjo in wrong place at Syria war protest in Philly an Iraq war vet was at an antiwar protest yesterday and was arrested for standing under a tree after 5:00pm which was outside of the ‘Protest Zone’ set up by our rulers to prevent real protests like the kind they had in Turkey, Syria and Egypt.  So she was roughed up and put in jail because she refused to get into the ‘Protest Zone.’  Meanwhile, our rulers claim they want to save the Iraqi—er—Syrian people (but not the Egyptian) who need the right to protest and even armed revolt.

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Germany Prepares Criminal Charges In US/UK Spying Scandal

As the entire US ruling elites howl with rage at Putin and Snowden, like a blizzard in January, snowflakes fall in great heaps as the whistle blower releases more and more information.  The US, it turns out, has been heavily spying on Germany, an ally, in order to get inside information about business and trade negotiations.  As we can easily remember, the #1 howling at China for the last two years has been allegations that China is spying on the US business and trade affairs which China hotly denied.  Snowden is really kicking the US in the balls, hard.

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