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First Macron Info Leak Information: He Parks Wealth In Cayman Islands


The examination of the documents hacked from Macron’s computers now are being evaluated and it has been discovered that he is probably a tax cheat and has offshore funds.  Documents Indicate That Emmanuel Macron May Be Engaging In Tax Evasion | Zero Hedge reports via Disobedient Media:

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Russia Hurt By Economic Warfare But US Is Being Utterly Destroyed By Our Trade Partner Allies

I am ceaselessly amazed at our media’s coverage of any news about or from Russia.  The Olympics was a Putin-bash for our media owners and the pro-Pussy Riot news was amazing considering that these women would be beaten to death or shot if they did here, what they do in Russia.  Naturally, the US media goes to Pussy Riot for economic information about Russia and loves to think that Russia is about to collapse.  Ukraine’s East Invasion Stalls, Troops Pull Back is a headline at Antiwar.com but not in US media, of course.  Here is a typical example:  Russia Economy Worsens Even Before Sanctions Hit – NYTimes.com

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Blowing Up DC: Budget Battle Rages While Bankers Call For Retirement Cuts For Workers So They Can Be Richer


Pentagon duped the nation for years with phony repatriation ceremonies where fallen soldiers were walked off planes that can’t even fly after sitting in a lab for months: The return of the remains of soldiers from past wars was faked for photo ops.  Under Bush and Cheney, all returning dead from their several wars against Muslims were returned to the US in secret.  It was illegal to photograph these corpses being returned.  They were not mentioned in the news, either.  No death counts for several years.  During the hiatus, the US media didn’t say nary a peep.

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CIA/Pentagon (One Creature Now) Spy On Gitmo Lawyers By Stealing Emails

The US kidnapping and prosecution of Muslims at GITMO continues to unravel as the military and the CIA which are now both one and the same with the evil war criminal, Panetta at the helm and with Mossad behind the scenes pulling strings with AIPAC’s vast assistance, has turned the kangaroo trials in Cuba into a global laughing stock charade. Continue reading


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DC Private Investigators Uncover $34 TRILLION Stash In Brit Royal Territorial Islands

world's most expensive painting is stupid


$155 million Picasso painting which is very simple and rather stupid.  But famous!

Nearly all of the top US media outlets are owned by rich billionaires.  So we get Billionaire News like Bloomberg News or the NYT or WP or all the Murdoch outlets plus all the major TV stations.  They quietly kill any news that might harm their super-rich status.  The latest news to be blacked out here in the US is the story broken by a Washington, DC group of investigators.  They pried into the private stashes of the super rich that are parked in ‘banks’ on islands owned by the Queen of England. Continue reading


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Wall Street Wizard Lew Next Secretary Of Treasury (sic)

The US gets yet another ‘Treasury Secretary’ but this is virtually a non-existent office, eaten away since 1912 until it is a mere ghost of itself.  It controls virtually nothing anymore and more often than not it has become the parking place for Wall Street offshore bankers who have systematically destroyed this once-important office.  Our own Founding Fathers considered the power of the Treasurer to be but just one step below the President.  Now, it is a ceremonial office for the people it was once designed to control, the Big Foreign Bankers. Continue reading


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