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US News Media Focus Only On Foreign Tax Dodgers In Panama Hacking Scandal

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The Power Players · ICIJ is a shadowy organization of hackers who managed to tap into a treasure trove of information from Panama which is a ‘offshore banking’ hiding hole for super rich people.  The hackers issued names of some of the top players in this game of hide the money and US news media actually reported this breaking news very briefly while concentrating mainly on Putin, not our own rulers.  Oh my, Putin is naughty, that is, some people around him!  But of course, Americans should be more interested in cleaning up our own pig sty mess and our media has now decided to not look more closely to this information trove.

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Apple And Other Corporations Are Tax Cheats And Offshore Banks Are Fakes And GOP Clowns Kill FEMA

Sir Mervyn King: stop ‘demonising’ bankers—The Bank of England run by Sir King is one of the chief causes of the global financial collapse.  Our government and Britain’s government both went deep into the red to bail out these bankers and many of us are quite angry about this.  Furthermore, corporate tax evasion is running rampant due to free trade.  The latest story about this scam comes from the Apple hearings in Congress.  That is, much of ‘offshore banking’ is actually inside the US all the time, it is fictional offshore banking. Continue reading


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Queen Of England Must End Secret Pirate Offshore Banks, EU Cracks Down On Tax Havens


Cyprus bank regulators drowned in paperwork


Her fant Dagens Næringsliv 47 milliarder – DN.no: The above photo is from a Norwegian newspaper showing the office in Cyprus which processes and files paperwork from hedge funds and offshore wealth.  Namely, it is totally unprocessed and completely unregulated by anyone.  All the weeping and wailing stories about uninsured Cyprus banks giving back less than 60% of the money parked there has to stop.  The country deliberately refused to honestly deal with anything.  The government there colluded with the banks to not properly supervise business.  And the recent Cyprus event where it joined the EU was done under false pretenses.  This was due to the lax to non regulation of the banks there. Continue reading


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Krugman Doesn’t Understand How Government Debt Flows Into Offshore Banks

Paul Krugman is the leading ‘expert’ (sic) for wild money printing and wild government spending as a cure for a huge credit bubble breaking.  Both the left and the right are wrong about what ails the world economic system.  We are drowning in a flood of red ink and money printing since the winners of world trade manufacturing exporting are those who destroy their home base currency making exports cheaper.  And the money produced by this flood of ZIRP lending by central banks flows instantly to offshore banks.  So far, $34 trillion sits there, outside of the economies the liberals want to grow via government debt.  This debt=more money in offshore accounts, less money at home. Continue reading


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