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All Speculative Bubbles Are Bad

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Has Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar? The graph above shows a classic speculative bubble.  The futures in the derivatives oil markets which is like the Chicago farm futures market, is prone to speculative bubbles.  When these happen and consumer prices shoot upwards, we have an inevitable crash.  All speculative bubbles pop.  They have done this for the last 400 years.  Each cycle of bubble/collapse leads to vain attempts at preventing bubbles that collapse after while.  That is, people are burned by bubbles and then do it all over again once the memory of the pain fades.  But if governments intervene to prevent speculator pain, they go merrily from one bubble to the next with no hesitation expecting to be bailed out over and over again, faster and faster.


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EU Leaders Furious, After Killing Russian Pipeline Through Bulgaria, Putin Forces EU To Buy Gas Only Through Turkey

Victory Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square 2014 (FULL VIDEO) – YouTube

Gazprom warns EU to link to Turkey pipeline or lose Russian gas as Russia to Shift Ukraine Gas Transit to Turkey as EU Cries Foul which is hilarious considering how hostile, violent and brutal the NATO nations were when they engineered a fascist right wing nationalist coup in Ukraine! Trouble in the pipeline if Russia cuts Europe off goes under ‘duh!’  How stupid is this?  Well, the EU and US wanted WWIII so now they are getting it.  Each time they stab at Russia, Russia stabs them. DUH!  Do this enough times and we get ICBMs flying all over the place which is why the collapse in diplomacy is so spectacularly stupid.  But the US decided not too long ago, we were the only power on earth and could dictate to everyone, what happens next.  Our first orders were to the Muslims: you will bow to Zionism and give us your oil and anything else we want.  And this was so far a spectacular failure.


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US And NATO Have Been Hunting Down And Destroying Rival Oil/Gas Selling Nations Like Russia, Iraq, Iran and Libya

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s pathetic response to Putin – The Washington Post: the Jewish far right wing fascists who have a huge perch at the NYT, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post are in full bellow for us to restart the Cold War and this is a war against not one but all oil pumping nations that aren’t allies of Israel.  The howls about global warming are aimed directly at oil and gas because the hope is to cripple the profits of these non-Israel allied nations while raising the profits of the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and incidentally, EU gas/oil sellers like the Netherlands and Norway.  Cheap Russian oil and gas drives down the profits of the other sellers to Europe.  The Russian sales benefit mainly Germany which has the greatest export profits and needs cheaper gas and the boycotts will strangle Germany by forcing them to buy only from Western/pro-Israel sources which will have higher prices than Russia by a long, long shot. Continue reading


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US Media, Israel And Saudi Dictators Freak Out As Oil Prices Drop, Oh The Horror!


Oil Slump Seen as ‘Knee-Jerk’ Reaction to Iran Deal – Bloomberg News from Wall Street, NY.  None of the US media is trumpeting Obama’s deal with Iran as savior of the American middle and lower classes.  We have been absolutely hammered by high oil prices ever since the US declared unilateral war against the Arab Street and all Shi’ites.  I have regularly pointed out in the past that these insane, expensive wars also drive up oil prices hugely.  It is an immense war tax on the US consumers.  And the potential for higher oil prices is nearly never mentioned when our AIPAC/Saudi Congress debates more wars on behalf of these two states.

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