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Koch Brothers Attack Trump, Want Open Borders/Trade Deficit Because It Makes Them Filthy Rich


Koch Network Officials Blast President Trump on Tariffs, Immigration: Yes, these billionaire bosses who are the agents of destruction of our nation, want eternal trade deficits and hiring foreign labor as well as importing workers endlessly to keep wages down.  The billionaires who belong to the Bilderberg gang are on open revolt agaisnt Trump’s attempts at saving America.  They hate citizens here and in Europe and hope desperately to overwhelm citizens with cheap foreign labor and outright criminals flooding illegally into NATO nations.  This insane, destructive activity by our rulers is…insane!  And has a fatal flaw: the invaders being encouraged to flood in will ultimately kill the Real Rulers or perchance, the stupid rulers think they can fly off to some remote island and rule from there…they are doing exactly that, in their fotilla of yachts this very week.

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Many Democratic CIA Agents Running For Congress So They Can Reopen Borders To Alien Invaders

Tucker: Dems care more about murderous illegals than you – YouTube


The DNC voter base is increasingly criminal gangs and illegal aliens.  This is a huge ‘voter base’ now and these law breakers want to have in power people who don’t believe in the Rule of Law.  Note that cities where a large number of criminals live, vote uniformly for less law and order. These cities are dying because of this flood of DNC voters who are totally illegal.  The DNC is now openly conspiring with foreign criminals to release them back into our country so the Federal Government won’t know where they are.  This is treason. Pure, unadulterated treason.

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McCain Demands Open Borders, Free Trade (sic) Forever

McCain says US must fight ‘crackpot conspiracy theories’ | Daily Mail Online


BREAKING NEWS: All videos of McCain’s NWO speech at Naval Academy have been deleted by You Tube!  


There are a few new feeds popping up and then being removed!  This is blatant censorship by You Tube which is rapidly being taken over by the Bilderberg gangsters to stop us from showing real news.


There is this full bore attack on patriotism from our lovely Bilderberg gangsters.  The elderly, dying McCain has ‘shot across the prow’ of patriots by telling hundreds of naval academy graduates that patriotism is a crime and they are now servants of international bankers and powerful aliens and should obey their Real Rulers who want us to patrol the entire planet at our cost while we go bankrupt!  McCain should be arrested for treason.

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