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Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Heroin Overdose Exposes US-Invasion Afghanistan Drug Business

The weeping and wailing about an Oscar winner dying of drug abuse (and how common is that?  As common as snow in winter!) has brought the conversation over to the topic of ‘why is the US full of heroin addicts?’  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin overdose exposes 100 per cent RISE in ‘epidemic’ across US over five years

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55 Days In Peking And The US Hawaiian Coup: Movies Celebrate US Imperialism

Hawaii imperialism

The British, Canadian and Iranian diplomats have been upset by the recent Argos Oscar win.  Coming out of nowhere, this bizarre piece of US propaganda lies took the world by surprise.  On top of this, the host of the Oscars, Family Guy and American Dad cartoon creator, Seth MacFarlane joked about Jewish control of Hollywood during the ceremonies.  He then loudly said he would never host the Oscars again but the real reason he won’t is obvious: he openly said what all the Zionists boast about in private.  The pretense they don’t control Hollywood is a CIA-level type secret to be kept from outsiders. Continue reading


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