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Big Explosion In Donetsk Ukraine As Fascists In Kiev Attack With NATO Weapons

Huge explosion at Donetsk chemical plant, military ‘don’t know what they hit’ (VIDEO) as NATO bombs rain down on Russian Ukrainian citizens who were upset about the coup in Kiev that put rank Catholic fascists who worship a WWII Nazi hero, in power.  This religious war is heating up greatly.  And will lead to WWIII because it involves EU leaders deliberately provoking Russia into war as if anyone in Western Europe will survive this looming war!

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High School French Kid Put In Prison This Week For Linking To Charlie Hebdo Parody Cartoon

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This cartoon enraged the terrorists who murdered the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

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THIS parody cartoon showing a member of the Hebdo staff being shot by Muslim terrorists was NOT celebrated by the Bilderberg gang, nor was it held up as a fine example of a meaningful parody (the pen is NOT mightier than the sword, after all) and it is equally violent and offensive as the first cartoon but with one gigantic difference: the poor French high school kid who simply repeated this cartoon online to laugh about it, was arrested, immediately tried with no rigor, just a fast appearance with no lawyer before an angry judge and SENT TO PRISON.

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Pope Francis Condemns ‘Deviant Forms Of Religion’ From Palace Balcony

Religious Muslim Immans discussing the Crusades and Jerusalem.

The Crusades – Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15 – YouTube

History never stays put in the past.  It is like a great tree with roots deep in the soil, a huge trunk, many branches and lots of leaves.  We ignore the past at our peril.  Cause and effect are also part of History and everyone likes to justify themselves by selecting various ‘start’ points in the past to make their crimes look natural and reasonable.  The fact is, humans are extremely violent animals who are also very clever.  Other animals kill or injure each other in fierce battles over sex, food and territory.  Humans are no different.  Right now, we are in a massive religious war with 1.5 billion Muslims that won’t end well due to the fact, this is a gigantic number of people to fight in a war.


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Jews In Jerusalem Try Their Best To Start The Apocalypse: Muslims Massacre Jews In Synagogue After LIeberman Says Ethnic Cleansing Will Continue ‘Forever’

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Interview with Henry Kissinger ‘Do We Achieve World Order Through Chaos or Insight?’: Kissinger is a gigantic member of the Bilderberg conspiracy.  He has been to all these secret meetings for over 50 years.  Every once and a while he actually mentions ‘The New World Order’ and Bush Jr. gleefully talked about this after 9/11 before shutting up.  The US media and political parties all want to hide the ‘New World Order’ garbage and love to make believe anyone who mentions this conspiracy against the American People are conspiracy nuts.  This conspiracy against our sovereignty is also against European sovereignty, too.  And all of this is very, very connected to Jerusalem and the Apocalypse and black magic number games by these same elites who make fun of us and manipulate us via the media which they own.

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Supreme Court Justices Dance On Head Of A Pin: Church Invades Government

I have warned about the makeup of the Supreme Court.  Most of the justices are Catholics and the remainder are Jews.  Not one Protestant or Buddhist or Muslim or anything is nominated.  This is done to gain support of religious based bribers of Congress and Presidents running for office.  They then get their piece of meat which means warping the Constitution so it is increasingly leaning towards ethnic cleansing and religious warfare.  Today’s ruling that religious pressure groups and force their religious prayers on the public in non-religious events is disgusting and will lead to riots and assassinations and hatred.

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Ukraine Ultimatum: The NATO Coup Will Kill Demonstrators In Eastern Orthodox Provinces

▶ Донецк: Донецкий беркут надел русские георгиевские ленты – YouTube

The US government backs down in Nevada when confronted by heavily armed white rural males unlike anyone else who, if armed, is hammered hard into the ground if they defy our government.  So it is in Ukraine: anyone against the elected government, going in armed to the teeth and besieging it and then taking over violently is perfectly fine if it is financed by our government but is evil if the people resisting a coup are doing it when the coup is US-sponsored.

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Several Western Ukraine Cities Declare Freedom From Kiev Coup Government

Ukraine continues to collapse.  The Russian Orthodox eastern half is now moving quickly to detach itself from the Western Catholic half that did the recent US/NATO coup.  Of course, the US will howl that this is verboten because only US-sponsored uprisings are allowed in the unilateral unique universe the US inhabits due to winning the Cold War.

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