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All Out Warfare Against Trump While Muslim Terrorists Rip Through Europe Killing Citizens

The London Daily Mail is most amusing, they print the mainstream propaganda and all the other news.  Trump is under sustained attack because he said ANTIFA illegal marchers were also responsible for the riot in Charlotte.  This raised howls of rage from the fake liberals and now Trump’s team is finally fleeing the battlefield because who can withstand withering fire from a bunch of ANTIFA-friendly SJW media multibillionaires?  Eh?  Poor babies.  We are not supposed to fight back, ever, according to them all.  They have no idea what a storm is on the horizon, thinking that inner city rioters will protect rich people…eh?  Looting?  Eh?  HAHAHA.

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Ukraine Will Split In Two, Stalin Made Russians Part Of Ukraine To Keep Control, Now They Want Return To Home Status

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The West is all in a fizzy twitter due to armed Ukrainian Russian speaking males taking over the airports and Crimean cities.  Which is identical to right wing Ukrainian nationalists doing the same in Kiev and the Western parts of the country.  Only, this being done by Russian speaking citizens is an ‘invasion’ and ‘evil’ while the US conspiring with right wing violent coups is ‘good’ and ‘better for democracy’ and of course, the very first thing the rioters did when they took over was made Russian language illicit and thus, giving themselves permission to destroy any Russian signs or other expressions of the language.  This means the country must collapse due to oppression and the ‘minority’ isn’t small, it is significant in this case.

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