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Weinberg Is Tip Of Iceberg: Hollywood Is Totally All About Black Magic And Corrupting Children

The mess in Hollywood is merely the tip of a huge iceberg of nastiness going way, way back in time.  This is important news because it shows us how these black magic/entertainment/rape systems operates.  Of course, a scandal showing us how these people do black magic and they have done this since long before I was born, and how they operate openly due to a conspiracy of silence in the media and government…all of this is a very tangled web and my younger sister, Mary, who has posted comments this month on my news service, was one of the victims of this messy, black magic system.  She even became a Hollywood entity, herself at one point, something that was offered to me, too, but I didn’t bite the poisoned apple.

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New Secretary Tillerson Fired ALL the ‘Deep State’ Spooks At State Department in DC!

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government – YouTube

Secretary of State Tillerson FIRES the deep state ‘shadow government/7th floor’ traitors from State! IT’S HAPPENING!  OMG, Trump is really going after the Bilderberg’s machine that enforces their draconian rule of the planet earth at our expense.  NOW I am in awe.  This is also highly dangerous because the Dark State (Mordor) has many minions who are Death Eaters so to speak, that is, assassins.  They get cover from the media that lies about assassins leading to fake stories popping up and covering the tracks of these people.


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Proof The CIA Was Interested In ME And Anyone ‘Psychic’

The document dump Obama did the other day is all CIA stuff that interests me but I haven’t had time to delve into it.  I seriously doubt a thing about myself will be in their deposit of these earlier files despite having huge files about myself, many of which are about being hit repeatedly by lightning and my strange interrelationship (open warfare) with the CIA since childhood or the Chicago mind experiments.  Instead, we do get a dollop of ‘CIA Did Things About Psychics’.  Duh.  Hugely, they did!

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Trump Tarot Reading Horrible Mirror Image Of Hillary Reading


Here it is!  Wow.  I thought my Hillary reading just before the election was horrifying but satisfying because I showed her evil would doom her, not us.  But this one is far, far darker, the Forces at Work, as the Davos Bilderberg meet and the Skull and Bones mutter darkly, as the CIA uses all its Dark Arts Magik I see gravest danger to Trump.

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China And Russia Are Now United And Working Together In Harmony

The elites of the EU and US decided unilaterally at the most recent Bilderberg meeting, to destroy Putin for harboring CIA whistleblowers and other actions that irritated the Real Rulers.  The new Jewish head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde gave a cryptic speech about the “magic number seven…whereby she erased one nation of the G8—Russia!  She marveled at how wonderful the magic was and how it would change the world.  No mention of WWIII being the result of this magic.


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Peering Into The Darkness: Suicides Plague People Seeking The Truth About Our Rulers

chiracaqua mountains Arizona Apache territory

The conspiracy theory community has many quirks.  It is like the Chiricahua Mountains where Geronimo hid.  I grew up playing in the mountains around Tucson and lived on the reservation there off and on due to Kitt Peak activity.  The tragedy of mass death is strewn all over the desert when I was a child, pottery and corn grinding tools dropped here, there and everywhere during the Great Drought 500 years ago.  The dark memories of that desperate time haunt the dreams of the natives of Arizona.  And the harsh life hardened them and the most dispossessed of the tribes were the Apaches.

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4/14/14: Skull & Bones Magic, Our Rulers In DC Worship Devil Via Stolen Skulls

4 14 14.skull and bones magic number day lunar eclipse

One of the greatest secrets in the US is how many of our Presidents, bankers and operatives join the Skull and Bones in their crypt at Yale University since the early 19th century where they practice black magic using skulls of ‘powerful rebels and innocent children’.  They pray to the Devil That Is Death to give them more power.  This unholy coven was founded by one of my own ancestors, Henry Steele.  They believe lightning bolts are a sign of this power and I have been hit three times, myself.

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