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Space X Landing Amazes Everyone, Good Job

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Congratulations to the crew that launched and landed Space X and the landing is the key here, a success.  The satellite payload was put into orbit successfully and this is a revival of the dead in the water civilian space program.  Bravo.  NASA has  been reduced to being a global warming hysteria operation that is wrecking it as a scientific enterprise though the satellites are nice to have, monitoring the earth is a good thing so long as the data isn’t tampered with and the mess of NASA today will haunt the organization for years to come.

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DC Can’t Pass Spending Bill Which Creates More Debts While Bankers Stuff Bill With Xmas Goodies

Senate postpones voting on $1.1trillion spending bill needed to avoid government shutdown until Monday as the Democrats rapidly lose a grip on political power in DC.  The liberal had their last hurrah with the pushing for more race riots and now we go into a slight change in our government.  Under the Democrats, it was all about wars against Muslims and Russia, arming Japan and forgetting about WWII crimes, torture, Gitmo, persecution of whistleblowers like Snowden, ZIRP loans to rich bankers, more free trade and lots of illegal aliens getting work permits.  Where was anything good for US workers, black or white?  The Republicans have many odious polices due to us in the future but the Democrats were barely distinguishable.  Both are run by Bilderberg gangsters.


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