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Crazy Lawyer From India Shoots 6 People In Mall While Dressed As Nazi

Crime Is Up, But There Is Context – YouTube in nearly all black-dominated cities.


Before going into this bizarre story about a guy whose family came over not too long ago from India, running around gunning at people while dressed like a Nazi…to open this casket up,we must look at this lunatic asylum editorial from a liberal paper:  Violent Crime Is Up, but Donald Trump Is Still Wrong – The Daily Beast


John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University and a nationally recognized expert on crime and prison data, said it’s hard to draw any trend line at all from one or two years of data.

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Navy Seals Shot Bin Laden Hundreds Of Rounds and EU Elites Claim Kosovo And Crimea Are Not The Same

Navy SEALs ‘took turns dumping HUNDREDS of bullets’ into Osama bin Laden’s body: the raid on bin Laden’s family hideout was totally illegal.  It was a gross violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.  It was also outright murder as the gunmen sent in as assassins killed innocent people.  There was zero attempt at capturing bin Laden and then to top it all off, the body was illegally disposed of in a criminal fashion.  From top to bottom, this was an action crying out for the International Criminal Court to investigate and arrest the parties involved which included Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

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Pew Poll Shows US Public Worried About Jobs And Illegal Immigration While Elites Hate US Jobs For Citizens And Want Illegal Labor

PEW poll shows US public wants jobs

The Great Convergence of American Foreign Policy Beliefs: young Mr. Drezner’s analysis of the above data published in Foreign Policy magazine is really silly and his conclusion is, the general public is forming a convergence not flying apart with the Bilderberg elites global power push.  I see the exact opposite and feel this is obvious, there is no convergence at all, the goals and desires of the public are nearly totally at odds with the rich except when it comes to two amazing things: democracy for other people on earth and improving other people’s living standards.


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France, Working For Netanyahu, Scuttles Iran Nuke Talks In Paris

Literally in the middle of the night, the French deliberately torpedoed the nuke negotiations in Paris after Netanyahu threw a huge fit over progress made previously.  Like in America, the Jewish community in France is very politically active and quite large and can throw its weight around quite a bit as was demonstrated in the middle of the night when it is most convenient for killing off things they don’t want.


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Congress Votes Half Billion For Jews In Israel While Cutting Same From Food Stamps

The fake hysteria about the budget deficit is revealed in these two news stories:  One in seven families face food tamp cuts | Mail Online

One in seven families face food stamp cuts as $5billion is slashed from the program
Some 47.6 million people, or nearly 15% of the population, get food stamps
The average benefit per person is $133.19 a month

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Taliban Laugh At US Might As We Go Bankrupt…And Computers Tell US We will Roast To Death In 25 Years (HAHAHA)

The plan of the insurrectionists who hate the US is to drive us all into Afghanistan and there go bankrupt.  This plot has been amazingly successful to the point, the Taliban mock US over government shutdown – The Express Tribune

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GOP Closes US Government While Joining Netanyahu Screaming For Iran War


This is hopefully the day the AIPAC control of our insane Congress comes to light for the average American watching propaganda news.  The Jews running Israel run the US.  They insist on full funding for their country while our Congress cuts funds at home ruthlessly.  On brink of shutdown, all quiet at Capitol and Federal workers turn to prayer and preparedness while the impending ‘visit’ of our real ruler, Netanyahu, is TOTALLY HIDDEN by the noxious swamp creatures running the Washington Post.

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