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Arafat Assassination Swept Under Carpet, NYT Headlines Story ‘Anti-semitism Surge!

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The keening and wailing about ‘anti-semitism’ has restarted its usual racket right on the heels of the damning revelations that Mossad, most likely using the Jewish Mafia, killed Arafat.  In addition, today theUS and Israel lost their UNESCO voting right in dispute because the US and the owner of our government, Netanyahu, are pissed off that the UN declared Palestine to be a real state with real citizens.  The dirty farce of ‘peace talks’ with captive Palestinians under the thumb of Zionists ruling the US and Middle East has collapsed entirely with Kerry not even bothering to pretend to be engaged in any ‘negotiations’ ever since Netanyahu ordered him to go work in destroying Syria using al Qaeda terrorists to do this dirty work.

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Saudi Prince Bandar Behind Syria Gas Attacks As Well As 9/11

Galloway antiwar speech in Parliament

George Galloway HEATED Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria. 8/29/2013 – YouTube: a must-watch event.  This is how a debate should run.  In Congress, people make speeches mainly to an empty house.  And calls to have Congress vote on something the Constitution demands are ignored by the fake leaders who are all in cahoots with foreign powers who bribe Congress and control our President via operations like AIPAC or under the table like the Saudi royals.
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AIPAC Doesn’t Own Parliament: Debate In UK Stopped Illegal Attack Against Syria

Parliament in Britain Rejects Military Strike Against Syria and this news is astonishing because the debate was in public and since the public doesn’t want more Muslim wars, Parliament forced the Prime Minister to stop warmongering.  Wow.  But here, we have no control over our government and there is no debate so  Obama  Is Willing to Pursue Solo Syria Strikes, Aides Say  which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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Calls To Arrest Crooked British MPs

Big Thunder makes point 1Britain is being ripped apart by the series of incredible articles by Daily Telegraph investigators which show that nearly ALL of Parliament is utterly clueless and totally corrupt.  Calls for arrests are rising.  I hope the good people of Camelot band together and take back this Round Table.  One MP sneers that ‘We are fighting….economic issues….so calling for elections will stop us from doing the best we can to….clear up this mess,’ [which THEY created!].  Obama is singing this stupid song, too.  We must keep the crooks in power, the banking gnomes in power, so they can clean up the messes they are making…HAHAHA. Continue reading


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