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Ukraine, Japan And US Want WWIII

China navy warns US spy plane in disputed South China Sea as things heat up there. The US encouraged Japan to renew its history of unilateral territorial seizures and so China, deciding that diplomacy was dead, did the same thing to the howls of Japan and US rulers who wanted to humiliate China and negotiate nothing.  This comes on the tail end of Obama negotiating a CO2 treaty with China which outsiders and many Americans view as suicidal for the US.  Why our rulers are doing this is baffling.  They want to make oodles of money off of the CO2 scam while at the same time, they want to control China which is by far, the world’s greatest manufacturing power.  At the same time, the rich in the US want to import Chinese goods and profit from selling these to Americans.  A muddled mess that will end badly, I say.

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Rolling Stones Dead Reporter, Hastings, WAS Investigated by FBI and NSA: More Government Lies About Spying Overturned

I do not subscribe to the theory that the CIA killed the Rolling Stones reporter, Hastings.  But I do believe our government was spying on him.  For a long time, they denied this but proof of the spying has finally come to light and is no longer deniable.  The government has spied on reporters who don’t do the bidding of the elites ever since I was a child if not much longer.  It still amazes me that real reporters who go looking for real information even exist under the rule of the elites who forbid this.  The Rolling Stone is one publication that has not knuckled under…yet.  I hope they never will but I have seen far too many publications go under or be bought by the elites and thus, cut off all the real reporters who then fall into despondency and despair.


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Lavabit Publishes Government Secret Order To Spy On Snowden, Site Shuts Down

The Lavabit news is huge inside the online community.  I have been on the internet since conception back when it was a NASA/Pentagon operation connecting various physics and astronomy and other departments.  From day one, the government was most anxious to spy on the scientists many of whom were quite naive about this.  I always assumed the government is spying on me online.  Not the slightest doubt.  But the libertarians who are the core of the internet systems and computer world figured out ways to evade government eyeballs and thus, the alternative web which was secretive, flourished.


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Right Wing Intelligence (sic) Czar Clapper Tells ‘Least Untruthful’ Testimony In Congress

The Bilderberg meeting in England ends.  The US media works day and night to hide that meeting and to vilify anyone who dares reveal the noxious spy systems set up to collect all our data all the time and store it for later use.  And Congress is complicit in all this as are several Presidents past and present.  and Clapper double talks about spying on us which reminds me of Watergate.

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