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Nobel Peace Prize Is A Total Joke Ever Since Obama Won It For Doing Nothing

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech – YouTube

The Peace Prize has become a joke. My father once went to Sweden to hand out science prizes and he got to wear a tuxedo and hang out with the Swedish royals. He didn’t take me along, hahaha.  But he did have fun.  Now, we see the Nobel prizes which were turned into a farce, going off the cliff entirely with Peace prizes handed out like candy to rulers who are not even slightly peaceful.  But then, Perez and Arafat both got a stupid Peace Prize and Israel then went on to crush the Palestinians with extreme cruelty and continue to do so today.  Ever since then, I decided this Prize is for boobies, not real peaceful people.

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Chemical Weapons Inspectors Get This Year’s Nobel Warmonger Award

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Wins Nobel Peace Prize – NYTimes.com: this award is one of the stupidest on earth.  Mr. Nobel is turning in his grave.The Peace Prize is a joke and has been since given to Kissinger and other warmongers. The chemical inspectors are also a joke since they don’t visit Israel or the US to see what chemical weapons are held in these two very belligerent nations.

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