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Generals Demand Trump Keep Troops Dying For Nothing In Illegal Syria Invasion

The generals working for the Bilderberg gang (NOT America) don’t want to withdraw from the very, very, VERY illegal invasion of Syria, these generals are angry with Trump for doing something sane and above all, legal.


This news story is utterly insane.  Assad has been taking care of ‘terrorists’ and ‘dangerous radical Muslims’ with zero US help.  The US is PROTECTING and SUPPORTING Muslim radical terrorists who were trying to overthrow Assad’s government and make it a fanatical government or a mess like Iraq and Libya which the US ‘liberated’ by importing or allowing crazy terrorists.

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Tommy Robinson Embarrasses Daily Mail Harrassing His Children’s Vacation

Tommy Robinson DESTROYS Daily Mail “Journalist” – YouTube

The London rag, the Daily Mail, sent a young emo male to tag after Tommy Robinson while on vacation and take pictures and write an attack article accusing Tommy of being an ‘Islamophobe’ and thus, should be in PRISON!  The Daily Mail allowed moderated comments on the articles about Tommy’s illicit arrest but now their articles attacking him have zero comments allowed.  The Daily Mail is now a turncoat newspaper which supports Muslim terror attacks, it appears.  Listen to this ‘reporter’ make excuses for the Islamic attacks, one of which happened just yesterday in London next to Parliament!

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Putin Courts EU Conservatives While Bilderberg Gang Howls With Impotent Rage

All systems are changing rapidly.  Putin, who is definitely not a communist like say, China’s Xi, is portrayed by mainstream Bilderberg media as a ‘communist leader’ so liberals hate Putin which is hilarious since even the top DNC leaders are all now embracing communist goals!  Twisted times, indeed…now in Europe, voters are revolting against the Bilderberg gang.  Watching the screaming hysteria of left wing fascists is funny but they are very dangerous, they want a coup so they can rule us despotically.  This is why they push two things simultaneously: kill anyone who isn’t an SJW supporter or tool and impeach all politicians who are popular.

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Trump Lock-out Pentagon Procurement Officers From Taking Jobs With Manufacturers

Budget hysteria 2011 at my own blog…the Elephant is even angrier with Trump than the DNC clowns.


Trump says the unspeakable, out loud: procurement of weapons and equipment should never be allowed to change jobs and work for Big Corporations that feasts at the Pentagon feeding troughs.  This would be a real reform!  It is amazing, and obvious and one wonders why Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clintons and Obama could have easily done.


Unsurprisingly, Pentagon officials are already criticizing the proposal, saying such lucrative jobs were a big reason why Pentagon officials took procurement jobs in the first place, and in the absence of that “career track” they might struggle to fill such positions at all.


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War On Workers Is Destroying Xmas

In general, if the US dollar and EU euro rise in value, stocks soar in Asia so…Asia stocks rise, as Tokyo hits six-year high which is no surprise, the entire business is all about using FOREX accounts to make the dollar and euro stronger while a fractured Europe is unable to stop this and a delusional US Fed Reserve run mainly by dual citizens who don’t care about the US, stands by helplessly as this process destroys the entire US industrial economic system.


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Israel And Japan Exploit US As Giant Milk Cow

Israelis demand more social spending

Al Jazeera:  Demonstrations in Israel demanding more social services and less taxes.  This demonstration didn’t make the news in the US media despite most media owners being very interested in this tribal state they love.  This is due to, I suspect, rising fears that if the US public sees these Jewish demands for more money at home, this will translate into billions being voted by Congress for Israel.  The sequestration costs are now biting harder and harder at the US and we are told repeatedly, there is no more money for Americans.  Simultaneously, Jewish editorialists are fanning across the landscape, demanding the US invade Syria now. Continue reading


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Japan Will Make F-35 Jets, Not Buy From US

China's J-15 fighter jet

Photos of China’s carrier fighter J-15 – Xinhua | English.news.cn

The US has the world’s most expensive military procurement process.  It costs trillions of dollars per decade.  One major trillion dollar bonanza for the corporations is the F-35.  This gold-plated monstrosity is a top-level airplane.  And would bankrupt any country at war if it is damaged or shot down.  The US can’t replace these expensive machines without going bankrupt. Ergo: they are useless.  They work only if they are used against barely armed peasants in some third world country.  In wars that are not cost-effective. Continue reading


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