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After More GOP/DNC Attacks, Trump Strikes Back In Phoenix

LIVE: PROTESTS OUTSIDE President Trump’s RALLY Phoenix Arizona Trump Speech in Arizona 8/22/17 – YouTube


As Order Out of Chaos continues (the slogan of the Real Rulers) the ANTIFA gangs which are bussed all over the country to attack Trump supporters arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, to do the usual violent rioting they have done nonstop all year long.  They are highly emboldened by the GOP/DNC/Fake News machine (aka: the Bilderberg gang) to attack Trump now.  Even yesterday, the head of the Senate GOP attacked Trump AND he also said that ANTIFA has no responsibility for the riots, it is all the fault of patriots…I see seething rage building at the base of the GOP which leaders seem to be at war with their own base now.

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Phoenix AZ Declared Hottest Year EVAH! Except No Heat Records Broken All Summer? Rrright….

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 2.13.05 PM

17 U.S. Cities Headed for Warmest Year Ever » EcoWatch: yes, there were a couple of cities nearly all of which were in the narrow ‘warm’ belt along the West Coast and slightly inland, that were ‘hot’ last year.  Phoenix, Arizona was one of them which amuses me.  Virtually no days were ‘hottest ever’ but thanks to manipulating statistics, they can still claim it is hottest which is ridiculous. I have lived through 3 ‘hot cycles’ that come every 20 years when the sun peaks in its solar cycles.  This is the coldest solar cycle, ever, rivaling the very cold 1970’s cycle.  And any warmth last winter (summer was NOT hot at all in Phoenix!) has vanished as we see from maps this week, for example.

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