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Obama Threatens Zero Troops In Afghanistan, GOP Threatens War With Iran

Obama tells Pentagon to plan for Afghanistan withdrawal to ZERO: The GOP claims we have no more money so Obama ups the ante with this interesting move.  Bin Laden desperately wanted the US to invade Afghanistan 15 years ago and his reasoning was correct.  He surmised this would be a huge strategic error and the US would go bankrupt like the Soviet Union and eventually collapse and fall apart.  He is correct and he basically won the ‘War on Terror’ which rages out of control across the entire planet.  The US, far from winning this war, is being sucked under by it and definitely will end up bankrupt at this rate.

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Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus Is ‘Animal Farm’ Piglet

One of the scariest things today is how the army of Zionists who run our media and DC are determined to impose a massive security state on us due to ‘terrorism’ which is generated mainly by sectarian/tribal/religious warfare which is raging hotter and hotter.  The Zionists throw gasoline on these fires with glee knowing that this will cause more terror attacks and they can then portray themselves as heroes saving us from those dreadful Muslims.  The NSA has been constructed as a prison guard to control the US population at large.  Spying on millions of Christians and atheists is supposed to make us safer. Continue reading


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