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Energy Prices Skyrocket While Putin Controls Huge Sector Of Energy Markets

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BBC News – Ukraine crisis: Europe’s stored gas high as prices soar: note how eastern Ukraine where the most Russians live, is where the oil is, too!  We have a desperate, long winter ravaging much of North America at the same time our rulers decided to pick a fight with Putin, one of the world’s most powerful energy producers.  This has fatal consequences for Americans!

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Snowden Reveals US, UK, Japan & Israel Want To Spread Computer Viruses Across Planet

NSA plot to spy on the entire world

Snowden releases more shocking information about US/Israel/Japan/UK spying on the world and attempts at controlling all computer systems while the US public is decisively against even economic sanctions against Russia.  The Ukraine’s new unelected rulers is a ruthless IMF banker.  They will suffer greatly in the future.  And the Saudis are accused of being global terrorists by Iraq while Israel pounds Gaza during the fake ‘peace talks’.  Russia and Iran are signing papers to build another nuclear power station which is enraging AIPAC no end. Continue reading


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EU Will Give One WEEK Gas To Ukraine, Russia Will Retaliate In Many Ways

All EU nations run trade surpluses with the US as do nearly all our trade partners.  So they do as we say because they don’t want to stop this destruction of the US internal economy.  This lopsided trade is destroying the US relentlessly and is our major future disaster but it is also TOTALLY ignored by our media owners (most of whom want this bad trade!) and by our AIPAC-owned Congress.  The military/industrial complex had funds cut recently and are banging on multiple war drums to drum up more business at our expense, paid for via selling debt to Russia and China.

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