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Obama And Hillary Claim There Are No Voting Scandals, EVER

Obama Talks About Rigged Elections and Voter Fraud in 2008 vs. 2016 Flip Flop – YouTube and when he did this, the united front of media giants and the $85 billion merger of AT&T, Time Warner to come under federal scrutiny because even though we have many names for ‘media’ there are actually very few left now, most are conglomerates that pitch the news the way the owners wish, that is, our darling Bilderberg gangsters.


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ZIRP Lending Continues In EU, UK And Japan while Snowden Spy Scandal Reveals EU Spying

European Central Bank Commits to Low Rate and the Bank of England hints policy to remain loose: the dollar is up against trade partner currencies as the status quo for the present global trade (i.e.: ONE WAY) continues.  Japan showed that the US would allow this so all the rest are doing the same.  Since the Snowden revelations, our trade partners have all backed down and gave only lip service to the idea that they are sovereign nations, yapping about how the US shouldn’t spy on them…only to resume business as usual.  And the key to all this is the gigantic US trade deficit with all our ‘allies’ as well as everyone else.  So long as this is allowed, everyone will let the US spy on them.

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Pirate Party Claims Snowden In Norway Going To Iceland




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