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Three Pit Bull Dogs Kill Little Baby

Yet another Pit bull kills infant when she’s left alone story.  This breed of dog is notorious for killing very small animals including small dogs and especially babies and small children.  Why anyone has these monsters baffles me, they aren’t protecting their owners or property!  Since my pit bull thread is so popular with lunatics, here is the latest horror story:

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More Pit Bull Kill Stories: During BBC Pit Bull Interview, Dog Kills Owner


In England, a pit bull killed his owner when the BBC was filming them.  HAHAHA.  I bet it was supposed to be a story about how loving and kind and loyal these killer dogs really are?  If it was to illustrate how dangerous pit bull dogs are, then why isn’t the BBC showing us the dog attack?  I would watch it for amusement.

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Dog Rescue Agencies Continue To Refuse To Stop Pit Bull Dog Adoptions

All smiles! Depressed shelter dog Smokey who refused to let go of his stuffed toy can’t stop GRINNING after being rescued just days before he was due to be euthanized…This is a story about a PIT BULL dog!   The above picture shows that this is a pit bull dog.  It has a huge mouth and big chest and the hard staring eyes of a pit bull dog.  Note it is guarding its toy.

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Latest Insane Fad: Pit Bull/Bull Dog or Pit Bull/Boxer Mixes Which Kill People

Screen shot 2015-01-31 at 8.56.33 AM

Bullypit Info, American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier Hybrid Dogs, Bullypits: I have owned and trained plenty of dogs of all different sizes and temperaments.  My first one was a collie, Lassie, of course.  When I was just a small child, the dog and I were close buddies as was Door Kitty (named by myself because she was a stray).  I am just horrified at what is happening to dogs these days.  Breeding them for violent, anti-social behaviors leads literally to deaths, often of the owner or the family where these killer dogs live.  People seem unable to understand how dogs and be bred to be vicious and dangerous and all the training in the world won’t make them safe to live at home.

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Cesar Millan, National Geographic Dog Trainer Dude, Thinks Pit Bulls Are Safe, Friendly Dogs Which Is Insanely Wrong

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I really despise this man.  I train dogs and horses and other animals and one animal I would not train is a pit bull.  They are unreliable as wolves and if you are injured, sick or have a baby, they switch to wolf mode and due to breeding, have very strong jaws and strong wills.  They are great for bull baiting and I trained oxen that weighed over a ton each and found them far safer to handle than pit bulls.  Here is Milan’s latest attempt at conning people into having pit bulls as pets:  I’m not a bully! Heartwarming portraits of rescue pit bulls hope to challenge harsh misconceptions about the breed | Mail Online

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