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Minneapolis Somali Cop: Liberals Don’t Want Him Arrested For Murder White Woman

Washington Post Says “Criticism Of Islam” Worst Thing About Minneapolis Cop Shooting – YouTube


Liberal cities and states are literally dying.  Chaos, crime, riots, murders, bankruptcy is rapidly destroying whole sections of America.  Free trade killing jobs by moving production overseas while at the same time opening the doors to illegal aliens who poured into the dying former manufacturing cities is rapidly coming to a crisis point whereby all will collapse totally.  The Somali cop, reaching over his partner to shoot in the face a scared woman who was talking to the driver, still  hasn’t been arrested for murder and won’t talk to the cops so the top cop in Minneapolis had to resign yesterday.

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Yet Another Muslim Immigrant Terrorist Did Mass Murder In Washington State


The #1 story at Google News is the news that the mass killer in Washington state was…a Muslim terrorist!  In Baltimore, a non-terrorist black street thug of the normal sort shot eight people because black lives matter so much, they kill each other as well as anyone stupid enough to be in the vicinity.  The War on Reality continues as our media giants push Bilderberg gang members to be our rulers over and over again and this means creating a race/religious war by enabling terrorists of all types, races and religions to attack Europe and the US over and over again.

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Latest Police Shooting Causing Further Chaos: Refusal To Follow Police Orders Can Be Fatal

GRAPHIC Facebook LIVE Video Shows Black Man SHOT & KILLED By Police In MINNESOTA!! – YouTube

Yet another black motorist dies in police shootouts or custody and often this is due entirely to the fact that black males either resist arrest or refuse to follow instructions when police stop them.  Many many years ago, black males like white males, usually followed police orders and this was because the police were not given great grief if they shot you and this is why one had to cooperate.  And I have been illegally stopped and even illegally arrested and even illegally charged with ‘starting a riot’ all of which was false charges and easily set aside, the police and the politicians had to do this because…I cooperated fully with the police!  They had no case against me.


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‘Freddie’ And His Fellow Gangsters Are Unemployable

Screen shot 2015-05-03 at 9.53.42 AM

This is a screen shot of today’s New York Bilderberg Times.  The Times owners have been top Bilderberg gangsters for generations.  The top story is about ‘Freddie’ the cute guy with an arrest record a mile long who died while being transported by the cops after resisting arrest.  The NYT wonders how poor Freddie survived unemployment, poor health, violent crime (he WAS the ‘VIOLENT CRIME’ itself!) and incarceration which is the feeble tool used by society to remove Freddie and his buddies from the streets.

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Black Motorcycle Gang Attacks Police: ‘Hands Up/Don’t Shoot’ Getting Out Of Control

There are plenty of videos showing gangs of atv/offroad motorcycles mobbing neighborhoods and highways.  White motorcycle gangs tend to ride Harleys whereas minority dominant gangs ride what white bikers call ‘sewing machines’ with higher rev engines that are light weight and can easily pop wheelies.  So they now mob up and drive with the front wheels in the air along long stretches of road, endangering everyone around them with this antic.

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Black 18 Yr Old Thug Pulls Gun On Cops, Shot Dead, More Anti-Cop Riots

Partial video from gas station camera where the shooting happened

More riots in Missouri due to cops shooting thugs:  CCTV shows moment black teen, 18, pointed gun at a St Louis cop who was responding to reports of theft – at a gas station just three miles from where Michael Brown was killed.



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Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn gentrified neighborhood where cops were shot dead

This shooting today took place very near where I used to live in Brooklyn, NY.  Here is a shot of Myrtle Avenue where the killer attacked the two police officers.


Both have now died:  Two New York police officers shot execution style ‘in revenge for Eric Garner’: Suspect ‘pumped bullets into officers after creeping up on car’ in Brooklyn  | Daily Mail Online


Investigators told the New York Post that they are looking into posts on the Instagram social network from a man who detailed explicit plans to kill two NYPD officers today because of the controversial death this summer.


The message, which included the words ‘this may be my final post, has now been deleted along with the rest of the account.


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