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To Avoid Plant Food CO2, EU Encouraged Toxic NO2 Gases Instead



UK has the second highest number of deaths from NO2 pollution from diesel vehicles.

Across Europe, the EEA estimated that 71,000 people died prematurely in 2013 because of NO2 pollution. While the pollutant has been on a downward trend since the turn of the century because of stricter diesel car standards, more than one in 10 monitoring stations in Europe still breach NO2 limits, the agency found.


This whole ugly murderous mess was created by Global Warmists who believed that CO2 is evil and other really noxious gases were perfectly fine.  This didn’t work out too well.  VW had to cheat on the pollution tests to pass their noxious diesel cars as ‘good for the planet.’  All this hew hawing has led to nothing good, of course, so now the EU must change course…FAST…due to very noxious gases killing people literally.

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Abe Visits Yasukuni War Shrine Enraging China And South Korea

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US foreign policy is now in total shambles.  No shock to me since it is run on behalf of foreign rulers who are out to exploit the US to death.  Saudi Arabia, Israel and Japan are the top manipulators who have wrecked things pretty thoroughly.  This is due to rank corruption in our elections and Congress.  Requiring many billions of dollars for our ‘elections’ mainly to buy TV ad time and other communication propaganda materials, in turn, Congress works on behalf of aliens who basically hate us.  The Jews in Israel hold us all in contempt for religious reasons, ditto the Saudis and the Japanese elites hate us for winning WWII.  Propaganda in the media tries hard to convince us these three nations are our best allies and friends which is false.

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