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Pope Francis Demands ‘No More Walls’ While Living In Personal Vatican Fortress

It always amazes me how nakedly Popes talk about humility, open borders, civil rights, the evils of money, etc. while living in a walled compound in Rome that is patrolled by a private army and is totally outside the Rule of Law and is run by men living in palaces, literal palaces.  And this present Pope lectures us about global warming while consuming vast amounts of CO2 producing energy systems, etc.  This is the Capital of Hypocrisy.

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Pope Francis Demands Both WWIII And Muslim Invasion

Francis is out to destroy Europe, destroy the Catholic Church and destroy the US.  Last January, Pope Francis said: There is ‘no point’ going to church if you don’t really believe in it.  Socialism killed the Church.  Charity comes via the State seizing property and labor and handing it over to illegal aliens and welfare mothers.  Well, this was true in the Middle Ages, too.  The Church tithed people to ‘help the poor’ which translated into building palaces and temples for themselves while looting the very poor which led to the Reformation.  Now, we are back to the Church demanding we be tithed to do what the Church claims it wants to do but doesn’t do at all, the Pope takes in virtually no aliens or refugees at all.

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Pope Says No More Sex With Women Will Stop Global Warming

Recently the Pope came out and said we are roasting to death even as frigid cold kills thousands of people across the planet.  Now he says something even stupider:  Pope Francis: No Catholic need to breed like ‘rabbits’: so, the Catholic Church now will allow contraceptives? Or is he suggesting all men become gay and cease having sex with women?

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Pope Francis Condemns ‘Deviant Forms Of Religion’ From Palace Balcony

Religious Muslim Immans discussing the Crusades and Jerusalem.

The Crusades – Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15 – YouTube

History never stays put in the past.  It is like a great tree with roots deep in the soil, a huge trunk, many branches and lots of leaves.  We ignore the past at our peril.  Cause and effect are also part of History and everyone likes to justify themselves by selecting various ‘start’ points in the past to make their crimes look natural and reasonable.  The fact is, humans are extremely violent animals who are also very clever.  Other animals kill or injure each other in fierce battles over sex, food and territory.  Humans are no different.  Right now, we are in a massive religious war with 1.5 billion Muslims that won’t end well due to the fact, this is a gigantic number of people to fight in a war.


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Pope And Money, Fed And Money, Wall Street And Money, Bitcoins, And Other Money News This Xmas Season

Fed Reveals New Concerns About Long-Term U.S. Slowdown – Bloomberg news:  this story shows how deliberate stupidity runs things in the US.  We just witnessed a witless howl fest over the Chinese comment about ‘American Exceptionalism’ noting that the US is in decline.  The US decline is obvious and easily seen.  The Federal Reserve has many graphs detailing our collapse and yet the heads of this operation can’t understand why things are going bad even as programs they promote or admire are the direct causes of this collapse!

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Charity Frauds: Biggest Is Conference On Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams and phantom purchases at the nation’s nonprofits – The Washington Post:  I have recently in the past written about nonprofit scams.  So here is the WP list of organizations that admit to the government they have also been scammed for money via fraud or criminal actions.  The is long but the one most prone for fraud is the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany which paid out (accidentally, hahaha) over $60 million by Jewish Israeli/American fraudsters.

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Heroes Make Hard Choices In Face Of Death: Pope Is Coward, Snowden A Hero And US Rulers Insane

A beloved family member nearly died this week and I spent many hours in the emergency room working with the doctors to save him.  He was bitten by a very small toxic insect and had a collapse of all systems due to one tiny bite.  We saved him partly thanks to his wife calling 911 immediately, the staff in the emergency room and in particular, my growing up in Arizona dealing with toxic insects all the time and being trained in how to deal with insect and snake poison events in an emergency.  The staff cooperated with me when I explained what I was doing as I put my relative under hypnosis to control the breathing and heart rate and then dealt with the effects of paralysis.

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