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Complete Video Of CNN, BBC In London Creating Fake Pro-Government Muslim ‘Demonstration’

CNN Caught Being Fake News – Staging A Backdrop Of Protesters – YouTube


An amazing video is online since late yesterday showing how CNN set up a staged event in the middle of the street in London.  They set up the lights, a stage prop of some flowers and then handlers brought in a few ‘Muslims’ mainly females and handed them signs and then had them arrange themselves as props while the ‘reporter’ pretended it was a real demonstration and she chided us about how mean we are to Muslims who are ‘peaceful.’ Continue reading


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EU And US Media/Diplomats Lie About Putin At G20 Meeting

The lies flow endlessly.  Putin is target #1 of many lies and propaganda stories this year. I strongly suspect this is due to him protecting Snowden.  Every single thing Putin does is put under this warped microscope while others get to do as they please, particularly Obama.  The Chinese leaders get pretty much the same treatment.  Undiplomatic gestures and words are aimed at both while childish diplomats think they are very clever doing this.  The price we pay is severe: all other G20 nations also have trade surpluses with the US so they let us be the baby at the banquet.

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Popular Science Announces No More Reader Comments Due To Reader’s Arguments Against Global Warming Propaganda There

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Climate Change Already Having Wide-Ranging Effects On U.S., Report Finds | Popular Science is today’s story in this ridiculous publication.  I used to read it years ago but now won’t touch it with a ten foot hockey stick.  No Trend In Heavy Rain Events In The US | Real Science: the warmists focus only on rain not blizzards so as we were hammered by blizzards our media downplayed it outrageously and then the minute it slightly warmed up, renewed their global warming howls.  Now, they are ALL eliminating reader’s comments due to ‘rudeness’ especially with the articles about global warming.  This shutting down of the debate is deliberate, malicious and evil and is being blamed on those of us who dispute the propaganda using facts.

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Japan Imperialists Up The Ante, Attack China And Both Koreas While Visiting US

Japan korea and china meet in 2007 friendly terms

Here is a Washington Post editorial written by Ogata Sadako: The Japan-South Korea rivalry must end: it is behind a paywall but the essence is easy to summarize: this right wing lady thinks all the problems in Asia are caused by pesky neighbors bringing up WWII Japanese war crimes and it is ruining relations so they had better stop because they are stupid.

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Abe Visits Yasukuni War Shrine Enraging China And South Korea

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US foreign policy is now in total shambles.  No shock to me since it is run on behalf of foreign rulers who are out to exploit the US to death.  Saudi Arabia, Israel and Japan are the top manipulators who have wrecked things pretty thoroughly.  This is due to rank corruption in our elections and Congress.  Requiring many billions of dollars for our ‘elections’ mainly to buy TV ad time and other communication propaganda materials, in turn, Congress works on behalf of aliens who basically hate us.  The Jews in Israel hold us all in contempt for religious reasons, ditto the Saudis and the Japanese elites hate us for winning WWII.  Propaganda in the media tries hard to convince us these three nations are our best allies and friends which is false.

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