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X-Rated Crossdressers In Library With Children, Strip For Toronto Mayor

Something very insane is happening, alas.  I have a daughter who, for medical reasons (she was born not fully male) had surgery to become a woman.  But what we have running out of control are full males who pretend to be women, running riot, they want open sex and child sex and have been pushing hard to be called ‘women’ when they aren’t even surgically emasculated!  These sex fiends now are being courted by liberal politicians with disgusting results.

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Many Hollywood ‘Sex Victims’ Are Actually Prostitutes: Sex For Money And Fame

This is both funny and pathetic, as the sex scandals in Hollywood and politics roars onwards taking down everyone on every side, several things are becoming clearer and clearer to me: most women in Hollywood and politics are…prostitutes.  Actually, this doesn’t surprise me at all!  I find it immensely funny because my sisters and I had a number of dealings with Hollywood, one became an ‘actress’ there and we were all ‘sex chicks’ in various ways which is why the big wigs wanted to visit us except I never did the sex thing with them which is why unlike my sisters, I wasn’t a Hollywood ‘actress’.

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Black Students Continue To Fail In NYC Schools But Story Is Illustrated By White Dunce Boy

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Here is the stock photo chosen by the editors of the New York Daily News to illustrate a story about the futility of trying to teach black and Hispanic students in the NYC schools.  Note how a white boy is used, making fun of this minority (white boys are not the majority in NYC) even though white males are doing very well and indeed, excel in most schools they attend.  This is extremely racist and a lie but typical of our media owners who play this race game against white males to the hilt even though virtually all media owners are…white males!

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We Visit The Most Violent, Murderous Parts Of Chicago: Not Nearly As Wrecked As Detroit!

The Hoodie Store at intersection where the most murders in Chicago at West Madison and North Cicero

The Hoodie Store (my name for this joint) on the corner of West Madison and North Cicero, Chicago’s West Side, between the rail roads and Highway 290.Austin — Chicago Crime — ChicagoTribune.com has a murder map for Chicago.  I wanted to visit these actual neighborhoods to see what is going on there.  The right wing part of the media has this endless talking point about how violent Chicago is and that this is nearly 100% black on black or black on white crime, not anything like the Zimmerman business.  So I thought it is time to actually visit Chicago to see first hand, what is going on there. Continue reading


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