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Arctic Conditions Locks Down Northeast While Bloomberg Campaigns Against Global Warming

Yes, it is a real news story.  I am now buried under nearly three feet of snow and all of March the daytime temperatures has been below or just above freezing and this is going to continue until at least mid-March.  So much for ‘global warming’.  I live on part of this ‘globe’ and am pissed off, big time.  Also, the Bilderberg gang is freaking out over Trump’s trade war as he forces corporations to return production to the USA and hire American workers!  The Real Rulers hate this idea, totally.

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No Butter In Japan: Trade Restrictions Are Very Severe In Japan

As expected, only libertarians and far left liberals in Congress voted against the latest stupid trade treaties that the Bilderberg absolutely adore and push so hard to impose on everyone.  Fascists in places like Japan loves these deals because they don’t protect US jobs and allow them, even first world economic powers, to continue exporting hugely to the US while restricting imports.  Here is the latest from Japan:  Japan braces for another butter shortage!  Yes, butter has been for generations, restricted in Japan and you are not allowed to buy more than a tiny amount at a time and this disappears regularly.  A top economic nation cannot have enough butter…or toilet paper…or any common thing the rest of us take for granted.  All in the name of preventing even the most normal imports.



“The government plans to have butter imports on a scale sufficient for stable supply,” said Agriculture Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Tuesday, adding details of the emergency measure will be announced this week…Last year’s butter imports—7,000 tons in May and a further 3,000 tons in September—were the first time in years that Tokyo had raided foreign dairy markets.

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Abe Change Rules Working Japanese Men To Death…Making It Even Worse

Japan had a quick run up to modern first world status since 1860 when the doors were forced open there by Admiral Perry but now it is in a steep slide downwards.  A Tokyo hit by 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook Japan today and is a reminder that most of the country’s businesses and people live in the shadow of major tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  This fragile existence has led to a culture of resignation and defiance.  Ever since the Bubble burst, resignation has been the general rule with fascists now in control trying desperately to whip it into maniacal martial hysteria in a fight with gigantic, billion plus people China that is on the rise, not dying like Japan.  This is doomed to failure.  Meanwhile, the rich in Japan have decided to decimate overtime laws so they can exploit workers more efficiently which is the exact opposite of what voters want.

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Bilderberg Commission To Fix Falling Worker Wages Via Telling Lots Of Lies About Free Trade

Trying to Solve the Great Wage Slowdown: mainstream media notices that across the globe, workers inside the free trade construct are being ripped off, their labor marginalized and capital flows to wherever workers can be brutally exploited:


An international commission, describing income stagnation as a defining challenge, offers proposals meant to influence the political debate.

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Death Of US, UK Merchant Marines Means China Is Now #1 World Trade Power On High Seas

I have always been very concerned about the decline and fall of Great Empires and know this is intimately tied to trade.  The UK used to rule the world and look at today:  Poll says Labour still on course for 2015 victory – but UKIP is now Britain’s ‘favourite’ political party: this astonishing rise of a nativist movement is due to the flood of aliens via the new EU rules.  David Cameron has LOST a third of Conservative voters since the last election, shock poll reveals shows that the far right is peeling away from the middle right just like in the US.  The news this week that China is the world’s #1 trade power has slugged the sluggards who created the New World Order in the snout.  They still assure everyone that the UK and US are the world’s #1 banking power but this is due mainly to madly buying up the debts of these two world trade loser nations at a frantic pace to keep the banks solvent.

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