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Another Alien Does Muslim Terror Attack At Ohio State University


Was balding Ohio State terror knifeman really claiming to be 18? Questions over the age of Somali refugee who came to the US via Pakistan – and whether pretending to be younger helped him stay in America which is a very common scheme with the flood of illegal alien Muslim males pouring out of Africa and the Middle East.  This latest terrorist attack should scare all citizens.  We just had a difficult election thanks to illegal aliens voting in various ‘sanctuary cities’ which encourage people to come here and take over.  Cultural/religious issues are important to any nation for letting invaders in who hold views dangerous to the common good is not smart.

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Only 21% of Americans Are Represented By Our Catholic/Jewish Supreme Court


Screen shot 2016-02-14 at 10.44.32 PM

This screenshot is from the Washington Post’s back pages and the article is a letter to the editor.


Looking through Google, I find so far nearly no articles about our strange Supreme Court that is made up mostly of Catholic judges with the rest being Jewish judges. Not one single Protestant or NO religion judges.  None!  50% of Americans are these two groups!  Yet we are ruled by two minority religions.  This ridiculous situation is worse because ALL of these minority religious judges imposing themselves on the majority also come from 4 universities and of these, most went to Yale or Harvard.  Yale, the home of the Skull and Bones.  Congress isn’t even talking about giving the majority of Americans a judge that represents us.  Why is that?

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Supreme Court Justices Dance On Head Of A Pin: Church Invades Government

I have warned about the makeup of the Supreme Court.  Most of the justices are Catholics and the remainder are Jews.  Not one Protestant or Buddhist or Muslim or anything is nominated.  This is done to gain support of religious based bribers of Congress and Presidents running for office.  They then get their piece of meat which means warping the Constitution so it is increasingly leaning towards ethnic cleansing and religious warfare.  Today’s ruling that religious pressure groups and force their religious prayers on the public in non-religious events is disgusting and will lead to riots and assassinations and hatred.

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