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British Study For Nuclear War: Psychopaths Should Run Aftermath Because They Are Cruel And Inhuman!

Lunar Goddess

I grew up watching my dad work on various schemes including learning about how he brought home a bunch of Nazis from Germany at the end of WWII to build nuclear missile rockets so we could have WWIII.  I grew up wondering about WWIII on a daily basis and my father told me that if more than ten military jets take off from Davis Monthan Airbase one after the other in quick succession, I was to run for the mountains and hide because we will all be incinerated as Tucson was a major nuclear missile base site.

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Woody Allen Attacks Dylan Again, Blames Adoptive Crazy Mom For His Own Crimes

Child wonders about rape in Outer Darkness 1

I am a liberal.  I am also a fiscal conservative.  I am an internationalist patriot.  That is, I fit in no obvious boxes.  One thing I do know is my life made me who I am and one of the earliest events in my life I experienced was being raped when I was in kindergarden.  Yes, it was full penetration rape and the rapists was the husband of my teacher who was the mayor of the town and who was a professor working with my father at that time.  I was found in a slip hiding in the bushes (it was late March) with blood on my slip and I was crying.

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