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NYT Cat Lady Reporter Whines About White Males Avoiding White Bitches

Even ‘The Bachelor’ Can’t Find a Man – The New York Times whines…nasty bitches there bitch about how there are not enough strong men to wrestle these witches and win against their screaming howling curses.


The NYT has this iron rule: every front page has to have an anti-Trump story no matter what, preferably four or more such stories…and every day there has to be a story whining about the ugly social mess created by radical female leftists who are increasingly being avoided by white males in particular.  This major front page story at Ground Zero of ‘we all hate white males’ is all about how successful white males want nothing to do with savage white females who work tirelessly to crush white males in business, schools and socially.  ‘Where are all the successful white males for us to marry?’ cry these Amazons from Hell.

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