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Federal Reserve Uses Bank Rates For Political Ends: Plan Sudden Raises To Undermine Trump


Suddenly, one month after new President enters office, the Fed decides it is time for big interest rate hikes ‘Fed to make sequential hikes until ‘something breaks’: Gundlach says.’  This is another big tool used by the elites to control events.


At its November meeting, the U.S. central bank has voted not to raise interest rates, although many believe a hike in December is likely as the Fed holds ‘steady’ before the election.  Yes, the Fed manipulates rates for political ends as we see in this graph:

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Both Democrats ‘Debate’ Who Will Be Better At Letting In Most Illegal Aliens

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 7.20.07 AM

Nancy Reagan is dead but Hillary Clinton is still ticking along, both women collected bribes.  The bribing of US Presidents when they retire was begun by Ronnie Reagan.  It is now totally out of control and is directly responsible for the collapse of wages of the working class, the destruction of US industries and warmongering by all our ‘allies’ who are really leaches.


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Bribing Congress, Bribing Presidential Candidates Is The New Normal Since Reagan

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This weekend we celebrate the deaths of so many soldiers and sailors in the past who died to make our empire greats.  But our present rulers are craven cowards whose families will never fight anyone except for bribes.  At the New York Times, here is Horowitz who pushes hard for Hillary to win the next election.  He approves of the fact that she won’t answer any questions.  This is a very odd position for a newspaper ‘reporter’ but then, he isn’t a ‘reporter’ at all, he is a member of the Bilderberg gang and a Zionist and it is obvious that his bosses and buddies in NYC support her for obvious reasons.  She is pro-Zionist and pro-banker and her daughter is married into that clan. Lately, the money grubbing bribery machine called the Clinton Foundation reveals up to $26 million in additional payments from foreign powers.  This is ridiculous.  I was enraged when Reagan ran off to China a week after leaving office to collect his $2.2 million bribe from the Japanese.


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Super PACs Run By Oligarchs Destroying Our Democracy And Economic Power

Ever since the right wing Catholics put in power in our top court by Republican Presidents, we have seen all campaign finance laws tossed into the dumpster.  The Supreme Court’s rejection of U.S. campaign funding limits has opened the door for all oligarchs to run rampant.  Their rule of our nation has been an unmitigated disaster and the US is being internally destroyed by abuse of the banks, politicians and leaders.  They view this nation as something to exploit and devour, not grow and strengthen.

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Abe Boasts Openly About Duping The Americans In Trade And Warmongering

EVERY President beginning with Reagan in particular, gets Japanese money when they retire and now, even before that, when they are running for President.  Like AIPAC, Japanese money warps our government so it works for them, not us.  This is why all our trade with Japan is nearly totally one way and ditto, Israel which also runs a big trade surplus with the US while both nations demand we back every imperial move possible and provoke deliberate wars with neighbors expecting us to fight their battles.

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Ukraine’s Fake President, Yatseniuk, Is An ‘Economic Kamikaze’ Bombing The Workers

Ukraine PM says will stick to austerity despite Moscow pressure | Reuters: he calls himself a ‘kamikaze’ government which is true, he came flying in violently and destroyed an elected government!  The lovely Western Ukraine uprising is now blowing up in their faces.  The leaders of this uprising tried their hardest to start a major war and thus tap into a trillion US dollars but that is now flagging badly due to the reality that Russia’s gas is vital for Europe’s survival.

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China Calls For Replacing US Dollar With ‘Super Currency’

elaine taylor sings about federal reserve

MUST WATCH: Bernanke’s True Legacy “Helicopter Ben” – Elaine Diane Taylor – YouTube: She is a wonderful singer with a huge vocal range and plays the guitar, too and is ten thousand times more talented than many of today’s pop stars who fake singing on stage and in reality, sing out of tune and off beat.  While the New York Times notices that the rich got much richer and the middle class much poorer after Helicopter Ben bailed out his fellow bankers, the NYT refuses to see how free trade killed our unions and thus, the entire middle class.  The members of the unions in the US slew themselves by voting for Reagan and cheap foreign goods which briefly, added to the easy credit debt, made middle class families feel temporarily rich.

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