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Major Earthquake Hits Taiwan, Olympics Too COLD HAHAHA

(3) 最新 !! 2018-2-6 花蓮地震最新映像合輯 !! 6.4 Earthquake Hualien, Taiwan 花蓮地震の瞬間 – YouTube


A series of major earthquakes hit Taiwan last night.  I was too tired to post a story about it but I did watch some of the citizens of Taiwan’s video recordings.  Do weak solar cycles increase earthquake events?  The solar wind’s strength shifts as sun spot activity rises and falls.  Lately, ‘scientists’ (sic) are downplaying the role the Sun plays in our earth’s activities and climate which is utterly insane and undoes tons of research my father and others have done over the last 70 years and it is infuriating that people are told, CO2 has more power than the sun in our climate systems!  Well, I am freezing my ass off this year and it keeps going down into single F digits here!  Damn!  This is infuriating, it is super cold in Asia and North America!  This isn’t ‘local weather’ but ‘global climate’ big time!

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A Cold, Wet Summer Arrives While Obama Talks About Lunar Green Cheese If Anyone Notices This

Mid June cold waves 2014

Denying climate change is like saying the moon is made of cheese, argues Obama as he takes on global warming deniers at commencement speech.  Last winter as cold wave after cold wave hammered the US and hit the economy very hard, we went into a remarkably cold spring and now summer is officially days away and cold fronts continue to sweep across the nation one after another in quick succession with more snow falling, of all things!  And he says we are fools thinking the moon is green cheese?

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Many Whales And Dolphins Crushed To Death By Thick Arctic Ice

Nine blue whales “probably crushed to death by ice” which is more than triple the number usually found dead.  It has become warm here on my mountain at last and some of my flowers are peeking out of the muck but will be well below zero again next Tuesday, alas.  This has been one ferocious winter and I still have ice in front of my house which hopefully will have melted by tomorrow!

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The Colder It Gets, The More Global Warmist Scientists Tell Us The Future Will Be Much Hotter

It is strange how ‘scientists’ were all uncertain about what was causing the northern hemisphere (and increasingly, Antarctica) to be colder and colder last year but this year when it is most definite that we are in a cooling cycle, they are now 100% certain that this is caused by global warming.  What has changed?  I would suggest that public support for the idea we are roasting to death has dropped like the temperatures and now the warmists are worried and think, if they yell louder and show more certainty, then people freezing to death will worry about roasting again.  Now that they are forced to admit it is very cold, they always end interviews with the coda, ‘But…we are definitely going to be very hot again.’  With zero proof this will happen.

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Another Blizzard Today, Global Warmists And Bilderberg Gang Have Obama Talk About California

Skeptical Science one of the dumber science sites on the web


For the last several years I have warned the liberal community about their wild goose chase after CO2.  Turning this into an End of Times issue has decapitated all other issues. The decision to back nuclear power continues to be their solution to this problem even in the teeth of Fukushima and I would suggest the lack of anger and fear of the ongoing horror show in Japan is tied to the global warming insanity.  Then the climate changed to Ice Age conditions and instead of saving us, these global warmists want us to freeze to death.  So coverage of this terrible climate change has been flaccid or full of lies in order to keep the faith of these people.

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Record Cold And Snow: Norovirus Joins H1N1 Epidemic Sickening Many, Cruise Ships Big Carriers Of This Plague


Northern hemisphere snow cover Feb 8, 2014

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover – NOHRSC – The ultimate source for snow information:  It is still very bitterly cold here and won’t be warm until at least another week of below or at zero nights.  I still have plenty of firewood because I frantically sawed and chopped and stacked it all up literally to the rafters during the fall due to fears of a long, harsh winter.  And the Farmer’s Almanac agreed and I trust them more than NOAA.  Incidentally, the poor prognosticators there, after admitting this month will be cold in the very tip top of the northern plains but not here or even the Great Lakes region, they are telling me that spring is going to be much, much hotter than usual.  HAHAHA.  We shall see.  I seriously doubt this.

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