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VW Scandal, Refugee Flood, Closing Borders, China Slow Down Killing EU Economy, Perhaps EU Will Disintegrate

Analysts warn of ‘another crash’ as FTSE hits lowest level since Black Monday as Europe’s leaders live in a state of near total denial about reality as a flood of aliens pour across borders uncontrolled, all aimed at taking over Europe and as scandals hit industries there.  I see the EU eventually collapsing.  The states closest to the alien invaders are furious that the EU leaders voted last night to force them to keep huge numbers of aliens who are illegally invading.


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The EU Is Doomed, Foreign Invaders Try To Destroy Borders


First this news: Nobel panel saw Obama peace prize as ‘mistake,’ new book claims as one of the men who did this stupid thing, giving a peace award to someone who had done absolutely nothing to deserve it, now regrets what he did.  Too late now.  The damage to the award has been done and is finished.  It should be terminated as useless.


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Japan Imperialists Up The Ante, Attack China And Both Koreas While Visiting US

Japan korea and china meet in 2007 friendly terms

Here is a Washington Post editorial written by Ogata Sadako: The Japan-South Korea rivalry must end: it is behind a paywall but the essence is easy to summarize: this right wing lady thinks all the problems in Asia are caused by pesky neighbors bringing up WWII Japanese war crimes and it is ruining relations so they had better stop because they are stupid.

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