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Gays Win Basic Civil Rights While Women In GOP States Lose Basic Reproductive Rights

Congratulations, all gay members of our nation, you finally are getting some basic civil rights.  The Supreme Court ruling had just one right wing GOP judge side with basic civil rights for gay people and this tipped the scales.  The Chief Justice hinted that he was going to do this previous to the ruling.  The War on Women, on the other hand, rages onwards with Texas in the forefront but across the board, wherever the GOP rules a state house, they are reducing basic civil rights of women via putting up roadblocks on contraception and twisting the definition of rape. Continue reading


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12/22/12 Insanity Grips End Of Times Fearful People

flying unicorn babies

The internet is useful to find information from all over the planet and for people to talk about all sorts of things.  Naturally, people talk about the most incredibly stupid things, too.  Like, celebrities.  And then there are scams that are deadly like the 12/22/12 nonsense.  The ‘Mayan calendar’ end of times is just one of endless repetitious claims the world will magically end that afflicts societies hither and yon, over and over again.  Why do people do this, I wonder?  The environmentalists do this all the time, too.  And the warmongers do this with poor Iran playing the role of the Great Destroyer that leaves the powerful US shivering with feigned fear! Continue reading


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