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Exploiting Human Weaknesses: Fake Theories Infect All Humans Left And Right

LIVE! New Sandy Hook/Newtown Information Released – YouTube: the fake news operations run by our rulers is attacking Alex Jones for his fake news about the horrific mass murder of little children at Sandy Hook several years ago.  The right has gone crazy about this event just like the left has decided we should destroy civilization in order to stop the weather from ever changing.  Humans have this amazing ability to think delusionally using logic that is at its base, illogical.

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Many Anti-sex GOP Are Sex Fiends

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Dennis Hastert and the chain of congressional corruption: not only did he, like most everyone in Congress and our Presidents, take bribes, he had sex problems:  ‘It was sex’: Law enforcement says Dennis Hastert hush-money scandal is about sexual abuse of a male high school student during his years as a wrestling coach.  Many a right wing sports or government icon is caught having naughty sex or rape or child molestation…just like anti-sex organizations such as the Catholic Church.  Just as I attack liberals for their anti-social ‘global warming’ garbage, I attack right wingers over their fixation with sex and how they throw rocks at others while living in glass houses themselves.

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Boeing Seeks Cheap Labor, Huge Tax Cuts In Bidding War: Union Destruction Continues War On Labor

I have tracked Boeing for years and years.  Boeing jobs were ‘good’ (i.e.: union) jobs but after thirty years of free trade and open borders, after the former slave states passed anti-union laws, we have this result:  Boeing (BA) 777X: Economic Warfare Between States For Boeing Jobs Is Hurting The Poor, Endangering Public Services And Only Serves Foreign Customers

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Global Warming Mob Attacks Solar Astrophysics Professor, Soon…Because He Thinks Sun Determines Climate

Instead of welcoming real debates, many people on both the left and right, people holding various positions on many things hew to some ideological line no matter what.  One place of such battles that interests me a lot due to my family for three generations being so big on studying our nearest star, the sun and how their work has been minimized to nearly nothing by ‘climatologists’, I encourage this battle over ‘what runs our climate?’

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